owing the form, the instrument started automatically, making a tiny roar, and after a few seconds spit out a one-inch square sheet. . A piece of cardboard with a three-dimensional radium tongue image of Zhang Lisheng printed on it.
She picked up the piece of paper and handed it to the black-haired young man outside the window. The woman shrugged, “But I still want to congratulate you for escaping from hell and ushering in a new life.
You should know how to use the pass. Just put it on the back of your left hand and hold it firmly for ten seconds. Please remember that it is only valid for one week.
Also, although your avatar is on the pass, if I were you I would use it right away to make the thousands of ‘adventurers’ out there give up. ”
Oh, thank you ma’am. ” “Zhang Lisheng smiled shyly and nodded. He took the cardboard and put it on the back of his hand to hold it. Then he walked out of the hall briskly. When he let go of his hand in the dusty city, he saw the piece of paper with his face printed on it. The film was already firmly stuck to the skin on the back of his hand like a tattoo.
“What a magical technology…” He touched the back of his hand curiously and found that there was no uneven feeling at all. Zhang Lisheng murmured in a low voice and put on the mask. , standing on the street looking around, suddenly heard a hoarse female voice beside me, “The free desert bus to Noah starts at eight in the morning and ends at three in the afternoon. It is no longer available.” ”
/Zhang Lisheng looked in the direction from which the sound came, and saw a white girl dressed like a desert person from the Middle East, with a dusty white thick cloth cloak wrapped around her head, only revealing her pretty facial features, looking at him. Blinking his eyes in disbelief, a look of astonishment appeared on his face.
After a few seconds of silence, he smiled dumbly. While secretly sighing at the coincidence of life, he pretended to ask: “Thank you for reminding me, Miss, where can I rent a car?” ? ”
It costs at least 200 meters to rent a car to go to Noah’s Space Gate, and it can’t go directly to the New Washington Oasis like a public bus. It would be more cost-effective to spend 100 meters to stay in Faerun overnight and catch the early bus tomorrow.”
At night, if you are willing, some unexpected and happy things may happen. “The girl said charmingly.
“Really, Michelle? Raven,” the young man was stunned again, took off his mask, opened his eyes and asked, “Can you please tell me now, what happy things will happen? ”
Li, Li Sheng, it’s you, oh God, oh God, will you really punish me for the sins I have committed? I, no, no, I mean, oh God…” The girl’s body He froze, was at a loss, exclaimed incoherently, and kept retreating subconsciously.
/“Are you surprised to meet me, Michelle? In fact, I feel the same as you now, especially when I see you, actually, on the street.” This is especially true for soliciting customers. ”
“No, I’m not ‘standing on the street.’ Damn it, I’m a liar at best but I’m definite