s will only worship at his feet.
After thinking about it and making up his mind, Zhang Lisheng asked Tugla’s messenger: “Did the alien’s ‘celestial beasts’ attack the tribe?” “They
did not attack the tribe, but they destroyed large areas of hunting grounds around the tribe and killed countless beasts. Your Majesty.”
Zhang Lisheng’s eyes lit up when he heard the strategy of ‘Atlantis’.
As an explorer of another world who has worked with alien sergeants, he knows that Atlantis possesses the terrifying technological power to freely navigate and colonize the vast universe, and possesses the supernatural ability to manipulate “fire” and “light”. From a human perspective, the Hellmen are a group of savages who are influenced by foreign civilization and become strong by chance.
If you take the initiative to attack and break through the passage to another world, the indigenous army led by a mysterious spellcaster, riding a ferocious ‘partner’, and using powerful simple firearms may cause a lot of trouble.
But once they fell into passive defense on the Hell Island, the Wu-Li warriors became active targets in front of the space battleships. Now using this kind of intimidation tactics to invade can only show that Atlantis used The military strength is not large.
Feeling a little more relaxed, Zhang Lisheng suddenly thought that he had never asked the most important question, “How many ‘celestial beasts’ are the strangers circling on Wuli Island?”
“Three, your great Majesty.”
“Big and small. ” What?”
“According to calculations, the largest ‘Celestial Beast’ of the Stranger is almost the same as the ‘Ancient Number’, and the two smaller ones are similar in size to the ‘Star Number’.” “There are
too many objects to choose from to invade, so use the smallest Are you trying to intimidate the established standard fleet in order to cannibalize it? That is the wrong idea…” After hearing this answer, the young man secretly breathed a sigh of relief, muttered to himself, thought for a while and then ordered: “Let the tribe All the ‘celestial beasts’ gather together, and I will lead them to completely drive the strangers out of the land of ‘Wuli’.”
This approach is obviously based on the idea of ??’repaying him with his own way’, using intimidation. Let the Atlanteans stand back.
/Limited by the insufficient accumulation of divine power in the totem poles, Zhang Lisheng found a total of 75 ancient totem poles on the three islands of Nutao. The island was transformed into a giant biological weapon, but only twenty-four biochemical warships were activated, but even this was enough to shock the weak alien fleet.
The messenger warriors spread the orders of Wu Li to the three islands of Nu Tao. One day later, more than twenty huge biological weapons destroyed countless dense jungles and gathered in front of Zhang Lisheng.
Chapter 531: The Misty Truth
While the most powerful war weapons created with painstaking efforts by the ancient gods bared their fangs to the Atlanteans, the Atlantis fleet commander Eisenguge