was standing in front of the giant ship. Sailor and passenger of the ship.
As he approached, Fiona’s face suddenly changed when he realized what the indigenous dwarf wanted to do. The first mate beside him stammered and whispered: “Your Excellency, Your Excellency, then. That native, he doesn’t want us to let us…”
“He worships the ship as a god. Those of us who stepped off the ship are naturally messengers of God. I think the last act of the sacrifice is to let us Eat those eyes.
Don’t panic, everyone, leave everything to me. Leave it to me,” Fiona shouted loudly, raising her voice. At this time, the aboriginal leader was already standing in front of him, holding his eyeballs that were still dripping with water and shaking. The
old captain suppressed his churning appetite, and his expression changed. He solemnly picked up a smooth eyeball with a touch of warmth from the hand of the Aboriginal leader, turned around and placed it on the first steel ladder of the ‘Elizabeth Holiday’.
Then he imitated the Aboriginal dwarf kneeling on the ground and raised his head. A shouting tone shouted: “Start the pulley. Pull up the hanging ladder. ”
The sailors left behind on the ship quickly started the motor and pulled up the ladder.
After waiting for a while, Fiona shouted again: “Take away that disgusting eyeball, wipe the traces clean, put down the ladder, and use My current tone is to say a few random words on the radio.
“Sir, I’m stronger, so I’d better stay…”
/“Harry, I am the captain of the Elizabeth Holiday. My word is law in the event of a shipwreck. Stop asking for advice and haggling.” Fiona was full of majesty. He waved his hand and said.
At this time, the hanging ladder of the Elizabeth Holiday slowly lowered again amidst the roar of the motor. At the same time, someone on the ship’s radio loudly announced in a weird tone: “I am the third officer of the Elizabeth Holiday, Corian. . Constance, on orders from the captain, asks passengers near the ladder to stay away immediately.
Watch seaman Rachel. Priscilla, Maxine. Nikita, you guys should go to the entrance of the hanging ladder immediately and be ready to pick up passengers who may evacuate. ” ”
Smart young man. “Fiona was stunned for a moment when she heard the announcement on the ship, nodded approvingly, turned around and walked to the indigenous leader, clapped her hands with a smile on her face and spread her hands, “I accept it, the ship accepts your sacrifice. ”
The indigenous leader showed a joyful smile on his face, and the fat on his face exploded in horror. He held the remaining eyeball and once again asked the captain to take it.
Seeing the friendly behavior of the dwarf, Fiona was secretly relieved. With a tone of voice, he stretched out his hand and slowly pinched the horrible tattered eyeballs out of the indigenous leader’s hands one by one, and placed them on the hanging ladder, “Take the hanging ladder back, and put a piece of cream cake when you put it down.” ”
Hearing Fiona give such an order in a way similar to