nued talking about giant beasts, but put on a stiff smile on his face and walked out of the square.
One after another, the two people left the square where the air cavalry took off and landed, mounted the dragon lizard, and followed a group of guards with swords on their waists, spears in hand, wearing heavy armor, and fully armed patrols, towards the right side of the camp. It seems to be moving forward rapidly but is actually very fast.
Suddenly, Zhang Lisheng, who was sitting in the animal skin saddle, facing the gentle breeze, asked Commander Tatedu, who was sitting astride the head of the dragon lizard: “Captain Manlov, have you seen Commander Tatedu in the past few days?” Lord Viscount?”
“No, with my status, I can’t easily see Lord Viscount,” Manlov was slightly startled and said, “Why do you suddenly ask that, Sir?” ”
Oh, I’m just, um , I was just imagining the heroic appearance of Lord Viscount on the battlefield.
I heard that he is one of the lords with the most outstanding martial arts in the history of Tatedu. I hope to have the opportunity to see it with my own eyes.” Confirmed the Tatedu knight in front of him Zhang Lisheng said nonsense after the leader did not know that the lord he was loyal to was seriously injured.
Unexpectedly, Manlov heard the flaw in this casual lie. He frowned, was silent for a while, and said thoughtfully in a low voice: “Sir, you don’t seem to want to personally Someone who went to the battlefield to see the Viscount’s bravery and heroic deeds?”
“Oh, that was the former Cavalry Commander Manlov, and now I am also a noble of the Roman world…” Although I have already made up my mind to kill the opposing Tatdu and Waldorf. Together with the determination of the three leaders of Siloria’s army, but the time has not come yet, Zhang Lisheng just wanted to explain in vain and cowardly.
/Just at this moment, a horn sound of ‘Woooo…’ resounded throughout the camp. Suddenly, thousands of Roman warriors rushed out of the camp from the left and right. Zhang Lisheng hurriedly asked in a disguised manner: “What’s wrong, Captain Manlov?” ”
Of course it’s important to fight. I don’t care about Captain Manlov,” Zhang Lisheng said very reasonably. When the dragon lizard stopped in front of an empty tent, he immediately jumped down and said, “I wish you great martial arts in this battle.”, walked into the camp.
The Romans were tall, with rough and pragmatic customs. In the military tent, except for a log table that was as high as Zhang Lisheng’s neck, well over twenty meters long, and over ten meters wide, and a huge sand table, there were other things in the military tent. There were only a few surprisingly wooden chairs that were as big as those on Earth and a drinking bucket like a bathtub placed in the corner of the tent.
“I didn’t expect that the Silorians would be so active in killing each other with the ‘Tatdu’ and ‘Woldorf’ coalition forces. Now the news of the territory’s fall has not reached the front line. The Roman slave army led by Carthage has been fighting