the female knight smiled innocently and said, “I heard from Captain Eureka that you are a warrior who has traveled thousands of miles. Is it true that a warrior who trains his will by walking on foot?
“Yes. Even though I am young, I actually have a very powerful hand-to-hand fighting power. Otherwise, I would not be walking alone late at night. ” Zhang Lisheng responded casually with a thought in his heart, and smiled and asked: “What about you, are you a businesswoman? Since you have a title, your status in the business group must be very noble, right?”
“Of course, my father is Count Unique, the president of the ‘Black Feather Goose Chamber of Commerce’. ” Although it is a palace title without territory. But it is also very noble in the country of red iron.” The female knight yawned, raised her head and said proudly: “By the way, the leader of this large caravan is my sister. Ais. Unocal.
/This time I was just following my sister to gain experience in business. But I will definitely be able to lead a caravan by myself soon. ”
“Yeah. It sounds amazing.” Seeing that the words and deeds of the female knight were simply that of a rich businesswoman who had not been tempered by too many worldly affairs and had a smooth life. She had no idea about the sinister human heart, Zhang Lisheng was overjoyed, and his speech gradually became unscrupulous, “Then this businessman Where is the team going? ”
Do you want to hitchhike all the way?” the female knight replied with a smile: “It seems that if you travel thousands of miles and hone your will, it will not be so real.”
We are going to the military camp of the Demonic Rock Kingdom, which is on the outskirts of Mackinobi City, the capital of the Red Iron Kingdom. If you also go there, you can join the convoy, but you will have to work to pay for the fare. ”
How come the military camp of the Demonic Rock Kingdom is stationed on the outskirts of the capital of the Red Iron Kingdom? This sounds ridiculous,” Zhang Lisheng ignored the girl’s invitation for the time being and frowned and said, “No matter how close the relationship between the two countries is, That shouldn’t be the case, right? ”
In the face of those terrible invaders who want to exterminate the ‘Falong World’, the differences between countries are important. We are all Falong people!” “Even
such an innocent girl hates the invasion so much. Or, a mature civilization is really difficult to conquer. Think about it, I am really lucky…” Looking at the girl’s solemn face, Zhang Lisheng murmured to himself, spread his hands, and raised his voice: “Your words are awe-inspiring. Respectfully, Baroness Snow.
Well, I have traveled thousands of miles. Whenever I encounter a big city along the way, I always go to visit those famous warriors and swordsmen to spar. Since this caravan is going to the capital of the Red Iron Kingdom, I I really have plans to follow.
But working hard like those servants is really insulting to a warrior. Can I use my own force or gold to pay for the fare?”, as he said that, he