Derrick, who was farthest away from “Dark Angel” Saslier, had bright sunlight bursting out from his body, helping him quickly get out of his trance. He opened his mouth and said:
“God said, it doesn’t work!”
The feeling of death suddenly dissipated a little, and Klein and Colin Iliad barely found themselves.
Kick, kick, kick!
The giant Colin Iliad rushed towards the “Dark Angel” Sasril, constantly changing his position on the way, dodging the unstoppable dark sharp lights.
In just the blink of an eye, he was close to his target.
“Dark Angel” Saslier immediately pointed the black scepter in his hand forward, causing Colin Iliad’s body to drag out a shadow in the “No Dark Realm”, making the shadow come alive, along the “Swallowing” the chief of Silver City’s legs upward.
A distant bell echoed, as if it had penetrated history.
The shadow of the ancient mottled stone wall clock appeared in front of Klein again, bringing about a brief stagnation.
Seizing this stagnation, Klein used the “Star Staff” to recreate the “Darkless Spear” and threw it at Colin Iliad’s shadow.
The blazing and brilliant light immediately erupted, dispersing the shadow like the sun.
Colin Iliad’s face hidden behind the visor suddenly distorted, but without any hesitation, he suddenly jumped up, jumped above “Dark Angel” Saslier, and slashed downwards. Two straight swords of dawn.
Saslier seemed to understand Colin Iliad’s intention, and he raised his pitch-black cane to block the opponent’s jumping attack.
Suddenly, Colin Iliad’s body melted.
He turned into sticky, heavy “mercury”, flowing down like a wave, and instantly submerged “Dark Angel” Sasril, making him seem to be wearing a silver full-body armor without any gaps exposed. , a silver full-body armor that wants to suffocate the wearer!
Saslier’s movements were immediately restricted.
Klein seized this opportunity, and his figure suddenly became transparent, appearing next to the iron-black throne.
Then, he raised the “Star Staff” in his hand and manifested some extraordinary ability in his mind.
That’s one of the core abilities of the Thief path:
As Klein expected, this “stealing” went quite smoothly, as if Pales Zoroaster, currently in Sequence 2, had done it himself.
At this moment, Klein’s thoughts nearly exploded, and the indescribable color and shape, unusually illusory ocean that seemed to contain all the secrets appeared in front of him once again.
Just when he was about to lose control due to the aura and power of the “Sea of ??Chaos”, the parts of his body that had been eroded by the “True Creator” suddenly moved. They seemed to be strongly attracted, and quickly gathered together and began to take over. Streams of nearly invisible illusory “light” made Klein stop on the edge of the cliff.
Sure enough… Klein sighed while trying his best to contain his shocked spirit, and was temporarily unable to move.
boom! boom! boom!
/Dark crac