trieve them from their various properties around the world, and the batch in Beverly Hills has arrived at the vault of the Chiefs Museum.
This museum was named “The Most Influential Museum in 1994” and “The World’s Greatest Archaeological Discovery in 1994” by the American Journal of Archeology.
Towards the end of the year, each magazine is giving out its own rankings.
/A website called TC Candler also ranked the 100 most popular men among women in 1994.
Even though he is a Chinese boy, most women find him cute because of his chiseled face and good-looking smile.
In this regard, Han Xuan felt that the last nine zeros in Xueshan Investment Company’s market value played a large role.
I thought that when I grow up, if I am not disabled, I should be able to defeat those in front of me. Soft power is also a part of strength. There is nothing wrong with being rich.
“Forbes 1994 Rich List” is released.
With the vague net worth of “at least 15 billion U.S. dollars,” the old man has beaten Bill Gates’s 14.1 billion U.S. dollars, firmly ranking as the “world’s richest person.”
Grandpa Guo Muzhou used to keep a low profile and his reputation was not prominent.
But with the acquisition of Dimension Pictures this year, he frequently appeared in the public eye with Han Xuan and Mr. Han, and he was dug out by Forbes.
Han Xuan also unexpectedly made the list this year and became a dark horse in the eyes of people around the world.
However, with the strong rise of HOPE Technology Company this month, Forbes magazine rarely published a supplementary news.
There is another person in the Han family who controls 50% of the shares of SOS Group, but she has been forgotten. She is Han Xuan’s grandmother.
Because the company does not need to announce the list of shareholders to the public, the outside world only knows that the old man owns half of the shares of SOS Group, but does not know who the other half belongs to. It is speculated that a wealthy person invested money in advance to buy it.
/If they knew they were all part of the same family, they would probably be scared to death.
This is only the value of SOS Group if it is not listed.
This year, Wal-Mart’s sales are expected to reach 80 billion U.S. dollars, its market value has successfully exceeded the 70 billion mark, its profit margin is only about 4.35%, and its annual profit is expected to be 3.5 billion U.S. dollars.
Since SOS Group’s franchise stores have only begun to open in October, including 739 supermarkets, sales were only US$45.1 billion, an increase of US$16.2 billion from last year’s US$28.5 billion.
When the peak sales season of Christmas and New Year this year is over, sales are expected to reach 47 billion, with total revenue equal to Wal-Mart’s 80 billion sales.
This is an unimaginable figure in the traditional supermarket market, and it will definitely be even higher next year!
The industry is more optimistic about the development model of SOS Group, giving an expected valuation of US$85 billion. Several experts predict that