iled disdainfully and said to a personal guard beside him. The guard was stunned. Dongying is already in flames. Could that person still jump into the sea of ??fire? Otherwise, what’s the use of ambush outside Dongying? He was about to ask, but when he met Jia Xu’s cold and ruthless eyes, he was too shocked to ask, “No!”
Yin Kuang went against the flow of people and bounced away the people blocking him. After a while, It was only twenty meters away from Justin’s group. At this time, Yin Kuang also recognized Justin. It’s really a narrow road. With a move of his hand, the Ruyi Golden Cudgel was already in his hand.
“Come on!” Justin shouted in a low voice. The two thieves quickly moved out of the team. At the same time, two priests’ blessing spells also fell on the two thieves.
/Yin Kuang also increased his speed and rushed towards a thief. Thieves who specifically act as a disruptor must be eradicated first. In an instant, the two men clashed. However, the archers over there took action. A cunning and fast lightning-wrapped arrow directly penetrated the bodies of more than ten people and shot towards Yin Kuang. At this time, Yin Kuang happened to fight with the thief. Fortunately, Yin Kuang had already been on guard. He was short, and the thunder arrow flew past after being rubbed, leaving him a little numb. Yin Kuang kicked his feet fiercely, and his speed suddenly increased. The thief felt his eyes blur, and then his heart hurt violently, and he screamed.
Dongsheng scored 1 point.
After killing a thief, Yin Kuang was about to rush towards another thief, but the knight group headed by Justin had already rushed over, and three knight spears stabbed Yin Kuang directly with a whistling spiral of light. The soldiers blocking the spear were directly smashed into pieces. Justin and another knight with a big sword went around behind Yin Kuang.
After a beast roar, two orcs also rushed over behind the three knights.
It only took Yin Kuang a second to kill a thief. But it took the Xishen students a second to complete the siege of Yin Kuang.
“Come! Fight!” Yin Kuang shouted loudly. He did not dodge or dodge. His purple flames surged all over his body, and his fighting spirit exploded. With his feet as the axis, he swept the Ruyi Golden Cudgel directly towards the three knight spears that came that time.
/“Only Alone?” Tagory frowned, “How courageous! One person dares to break into a camp of 50,000 people and cause trouble. Haven’t you confirmed who it is?” Although Tagory said “so courageous”, it sounds like a compliment. , but in fact he said it through gritted teeth. So far, the explosion at the East Gate Camp has killed 6 people in Xishen. How could Tagore praise that person?
Henry said: “That person is very good at hiding. Sir, do we want to go and take a look? If he dares to break into a camp of 50,000 people alone, that person must be very strong, and maybe he has a certain status in Dongsheng.” Tagory He slowly shook his head and said: “Didn’t Zhang Liao go to the Dongmen Camp yesterday? There were als