up, “Is it you?”
“What a coincidence. I didn’t expect that we were assigned to the same class. Let’s get to know each other first. My surname is Li, Li Shuangmu. . The frost of frost and snow, the bath of wind and rain.”
/“Hello.” Yin Kuang shook hands with him, “My name is Yin Kuang, I am relaxed and happy Kuang.” After introducing each other, Yin Kuang asked curiously: “You seem a little bit Are you all nervous and scared?”
Yin Kuang glanced around the classroom and saw that everyone was worried, and even some were pale and whimpering. Of course, there were a few with good psychological quality, but those who were cheerful and sunny like Li Shuangmu were really a bit different. .
“Why are you so nervous and scared?” Li Shuangmu asked with a smile.
“This” Yin Kuang couldn’t answer, “Shouldn’t we be afraid? Suddenly coming to this weird place?”
Li Shuangmu smiled bitterly, shook his head and said: “But what’s the use of fear or nervousness? In any case, we have already Are you here? What do you think?” He seemed to recall some past events, and said lightly: “Always keep a clear and calm head, but I have to train all the time.”
Li Shuangmu, who seemed to be sunny and cheerful, seemed Have unknown experiences. The maturity and wisdom displayed at this moment, as well as the hint of desolation, made Yin Kuang sigh, “He is a person with stories.” Yin Kuang
nodded and said, “You are right. Once you come, let’s make peace with it.” Let’s do it.”
During the conversation, and being infected by Li Shuangmu, Yin Kuang’s uneasiness gradually dissipated.
Gradually, several people around them also joined the conversation between the two, using various languages ??to distract themselves and dispel the many negative emotions in their hearts.
“My surname is Wang, Wang Ning. Alas, I was happily going to the university to report. Unexpectedly, when I went downstairs, I suddenly fell down for no reason. Then, my vision went dark, and I came here.” The man in the front row of Yin Kuang turned around. Come here and say.
Just like his name, Wang Ning has a delicate appearance and wears a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. But the fear in his eyes couldn’t even be hidden by his spectacles.
/“Who says it’s not the case? I’ve been really unlucky for eight lifetimes. Is it easy for me to pass the second degree? It’s good now that I’ve come to this hellish place without any problems. I don’t know what will happen to my parents after they find out that I’m missing. Why don’t I? I’m so anxious. By the way, my name is Wei Ming, Guangming Ming.”
Wei Ming has a strong and tall figure, a short cut hair, a hard face, and a faint scar on the left side of his face. He must have been a ruthless person.
“Do you think this is kidnapping?”
A timid, gentle voice interrupted. When everyone looked at it, their eyes lit up. Without him, the person who spoke turned out to be a petite girl with big eyes, an oval face, snow-white skin, bright eyes and white teeth, pure and charming. Especially at this time, her delicate and timid appearanc