ooting foul.
Well, it’s using offense to make up for defense.
But an obvious reality is that with Nash’s personal attack, the Warriors’ scoring efficiency is not as high as it was in the first half.
But for the Mavericks, with the Warriors’ defensive ability, they couldn’t restrict Nowitzki in the first half, and they couldn’t restrict Sun Hao in the second half.
This is the typical type where you choose one of two poisons, but no matter which one you choose, you will be poisoned to death.
After this quarter, the score on the field became 93 to 78, and the point difference had been widened to 15 points.
Sun Hao played the entire quarter and scored 20 points in a single quarter.
In terms of scoring stability, Nowitzki is higher, but in terms of scoring explosiveness, Sun Hao is obviously better.
The Warriors are like Iverson in last year’s All-Star Game. He was punched on the left side of the face. Before the pain could subside, he was punched on the right side again.
True Mixed Doubles.
However, you really can’t underestimate the combination of D’Antoni and Nash.
In the last quarter, the Warriors forced a wave of fast plays and were stunned to chase the point difference to single digits.
The 7-second offense looks a little silly, but the tempo is really easy to speed up.
With a quick pull, the more mobile Warriors have a chance to turn the situation around.
However, the points difference in front was too wide, and Sun Hao and Nowitzki performed very steadily at critical moments.
In the end, the Mavericks defeated the Warriors 132-121 at home and won the first victory of the series.
The combined scores of the two teams have exceeded 250 points!
In an era when the league’s average score was less than 100 points, and in the playoffs, the style was unique.
Fans even had a feeling after watching the game that the two teams might score higher than this in the following games.
In terms of technical statistics, the Warriors’ top scorer is Nash, who scored 32 points and 9 assists.
Well, it’s all an illusion that I won’t score points.
In fact, if you look at history, you will find a very interesting thing.
In general advantageous games, Nash usually has 10+10 data.
/But if the game becomes stalemate or anxious, Nash’s data can easily reach 20+10 or even 30+10!
This seems to be in line with that sentence. It’s not that Nash can’t score, it’s just that his assists are more beneficial to the team.
But compared with the previous two years, the 40+ came obviously earlier.
This momentum looks a little different from the past!
And after the game, Cuban also fulfilled what he said in the locker room before the game and distributed gifts to the players.
That’s a gold-plated mouse pad!
Cuban is indeed the most arrogant owner in the NBA.
/The value of this gift is so great that people can’t believe it!
After the game between the Mavericks and the Warriors, the last game today is between the Lakers and Timberwolves.
The result of the game did not have much suspense. Although G