also created the largest point difference in the history of the Dream Team Olympic Games!
Sir, times have changed!
When the final whistle sounded, the fans at the scene who could not hold themselves back began to cheer and applaud the Chinese team.
The Chinese team members on the field also started celebrating wildly.
They defeated the dream team once again.
So now, including the group stage, they have experienced three in and three out!
Of course, more importantly than that, they reached the Olympic finals!
In other words, they have guaranteed a silver medal!
This sounds really incredible.
You must know that before this, the Chinese team’s best performance in the history of the Olympic Games was only the quarterfinals in Atlanta in 1996!
In fact, when they defeated the Greek team and advanced to the semi-finals, they had already set a record!
It’s just that because they won the bronze medal at the World Championships two years ago and their strong performance in the group stage, everyone was not surprised.
But at this moment when their dream team entered the Olympic finals, they couldn’t help but be excited.
Because no one knows where the upper limit of this Chinese team is now.
If they can finally win the Olympics, then the Chinese team will declare that their era has come!
This is what people are looking forward to!
On the Dream Team side, the players seemed extremely depressed.
Especially Iverson, whose eye circles were uncontrollably red.
He should be the person on the Dream Team who wants to win the most tonight.
But it turns out that nine out of ten things in this world are unsatisfactory.
If you want to turn what you have experienced into the remaining ten or two, you have to become strong enough.
“It’s time!” At
the press conference after the game, Sun Hao, who has always been low-key and well versed in the theory of poisonous milk, gave a very positive answer when asked by reporters if the Chinese team wanted to win the championship. answer.
“If we can defeat even the Dream Team, then for us, no opponent will be invincible.”
Sun Hao was full of confidence.
Sun Hao’s abnormal state also caused Yao Ming on the side to laugh out loud.
/In addition to Nowitzki, Yao Ming was also popularized by Sun Hao about the poisonous milk theory.
And unlike Nowitzki, Yao Ming turned his breasts over once and never again.
Sun Hao is frantically setting up flags for the Chinese team.
But milk is milk, and he felt that there was nothing wrong with what Sun Hao said.
At the moment they defeated the Dream Team, their self-confidence had reached its peak.
In this case, no matter who they play in the final, they will have a psychological advantage.
After the press conference, Sun Hao returned to the game site.
Other members of the Chinese team have also arrived there in advance.
What is being played on the court is another group of semi-finals: Germany vs. Argentina.
Whoever wins will become another team that reaches the Olympic finals.
/When Sun Hao arrived, th