Shaquon This time it’s me O’Neal.
After running for a while and being double-teamed, Sun Hao could only smile and shake his head.
Is he enjoying the defensive treatment of Dingfengku in advance?
However, the strength of the rest of the Mavericks team is not weaker than that of the Warriors!
Bodiloga and Nowitzki made another second pass after the pick-and-roll, and Nowitzki made a quick shot from close range.
Duncan blocked him!
Unmoving as a mountain!
After Duncan jumped out to help defend, he was stunned to take it back!
And Duncan also grabbed a defensive rebound!
The fans at the scene were stunned.
This 3-and-4 defense was unexpectedly defeated.
The resilience of this Spurs team is really beyond imagination!
But the Mavericks have gained momentum now.
/Nowitzki’s impact on the Mavericks’ morale after being blocked was limited. He retreated when he needed to retreat and continued to press when he needed to press!
The Spurs continuously passed the ball to the frontcourt, and Ginobili controlled the ball and stabilized the rhythm after holding the ball in the frontcourt.
Duncan mentioned the high-post pick-and-roll, but it was just a fake pick-and-roll.
Ginobili suddenly started accelerating towards the basket.
The ball was played very intelligently, but Bell once again made a contribution.
When Ginobili broke through, he took a lightning shot and knocked the ball away!
The ball was knocked out of the field.
But at this moment, Nowitzki flew to save the ball again! Falling out of the field again!
But what was different from when he played the Lakers before was that his long arm touched the ball and then saved the ball!
The ball was finally protected by Bell, and the Mavericks also successfully prevented the Spurs’ attack!
And the Mavericks started to counterattack defensively!
Sun Hao received a pass from Bodilloga during a fast break. As a result, before he even took two steps forward, all the Spurs’ retreating players pounced on him.
What the hell, Sun Yougravity!
Moreover, the defender who came to defend also stretched out his long arms to interfere with his passing.
After seeing it, Sun Hao stepped on the logo and threw it away!
What are you stepping on?
The fans at the scene were all stunned.
Curry opened his mouth even more.
Logo three-pointer, Sun Hao has never shot it before.
However, those are basically taking the shot when the attack time is about to come, or holding the ball and retreating to that position!
Such a Logo three-pointer in a fast break is not at the same level of difficulty!
However, watching thieves is so exciting.
This is not about playing tricks, it is about playing tricks!
The ball was like an intercontinental missile, heading towards the basket with a roaring tail flame.
The fans couldn’t take their eyes off it.
Popovich’s eyes also moved with the basket.
Even if you are Sun Hao, even if your three-point shooting is ridiculous, even if you have set various three-point shooting records, but