rady, so he has little ability to help defend others.
Therefore, it is completely expected that the Lakers’ defense is not good.
However, the offense covered up this problem. Although they could not open up the score, they still had the advantage.
The lead is not much, but if we continue to play at this pace, the team has great hope of winning.
Sun Hao then gave the ball to O’Neal.
O’Neal has scored 39 points and 16 rebounds so far. Explosion is not enough to describe his performance.
But Sun Hao felt it was not enough.
After all, Kobe got 40+!
But the moment O’Neal took the ball, LaFrentz rushed forward and hugged O’Neal as if he saw a young girl.
The referee’s whistle sounded, signaling LaFrentz’s defensive foul!
Because the Wizards’ number of fouls had reached, O’Neal was sent directly to the free throw line.
Sun Hao, don’t be too familiar with this.
The fans at the scene were obviously familiar with it, and they immediately booed.
The slashing tactic was invented by Auerbach in the 1990s, when he targeted Chamberlain, the “King of Basketball”.
And there is a very interesting little story about this tactic.
Chamberlain was already an enemy when he was in the NCAA, and at that time, his opponents knew that he was not good at free throws, so they often fouled him.
To solve this problem, Chamberlain chose to dunk when taking a free throw!
Well, that’s right, it’s what you think.
Don’t be surprised when you rush up and dunk during a free throw. In that era, this rule was allowed.
As a result, NCAA fans can see Chamberlain perform that kind of magical and even “miraculous” free throws several times a night.
Later, opponents of the NCAA felt that this was cheating. At the joint request, the NCAA changed the free throw rules and did not allow free throw line dunks.
In the new century, O’Neal, who also has an epic body and talent, appeared, and he was also poor at free throws.
Nelson, a disciple of Auerbach and the mentor of O’Neal’s Dream Team, brought out the tactic of killing people again.
Because O’Neal’s nickname is Big Shark, this tactic is also called the shark-cutting tactic.
When Sun Hao was playing for the Mavericks, the Mavericks often used this to deal with O’Neal.
At that time, he also cut O’Neal as a passer.
Now he is with the Lakers and has become a teammate with O’Neal. The result
is, well, God will reincarnate, no one will be spared.
O’Neal was sent to the free throw line and missed both free throws.
“Shaq’s free throws are as stable as Sun’s three-pointers.”
In the commentary box, Barkley spoke mercilessly.
After the Wizards grabbed the defensive rebound, they continued to catch the Lakers’ slow defensive rebound, and Nelson scored a goal on a fast break.
Van Gundy originally wanted Lu to start the game to guard against Sun Hao, but the effect was not ideal. Sun Hao and Iverson are not the same type of players.
/Nelson seized the opportunity. Although the defense was not very good, he played very well on the offensive end, scoring 8 points