Sun Hao said sincerely after taking a closer look at the car model.
This is a Ferrari ENZO car model. On the one hand, the price will not be too cheap, but the key is that it is also very difficult to get.
Barkley must have put some thought into it.
“Did you hear that? Kenny, I told you I know Sun better than you do, and I win!”
Barkley shouted triumphantly into the camera.
This is obviously part of a TNT show.
Sun Hao smiled and patted Barkley on the shoulder, handed the car model to a staff member not far away, and then went to listen to the tactical arrangements with other team members.
The scene quickly entered the opening ceremony, and the starting lineups of the two teams were announced one after another.
For the Spurs, Parker, Ginobili, Bowen, Duncan, Nesterovich.
For the Lakers, Payton, Sun Hao, Ariza, Walker, O’Neal.
Amid the cheers of the Los Angeles fans, O’Neal returned the ball to the Lakers half, officially kicking off the Lakers’ playoff run this year.
The Spurs chose to double-team Sun Hao. Sun Hao passed the ball to Walker. Walker broke through and passed to Payton. Payton then passed to Ariza, and Ariza shot a three-pointer.
He raised the knife and dropped it.
Live footage of Popovich.
There was no reaction on Popovich’s face, and his eyes were always on O’Neal.
The Spurs used free throw line tactics in the frontcourt. Parker received a hand-to-hand pass from Duncan at the free throw line and hit a mid-range shot.
Ginobili shined last season. In theory, this season should be Ginobili’s breakout year.
But the Spurs have always taken an unusual approach in this regard. The person with the most shots on the team this season is Parker, who averaged a career-high 18.9 points per game.
Looking back, Payton held the ball at the top of the arc, but Sun Hao ran without the ball. After receiving the ball in the mid-range, he faked a shot to attract a double-team to score Walker. Walker caught the ball and made a layup, which caused a defensive foul on Nesterovich.
Walker adjusted his breathing and made two free throws from the free throw line.
The Lakers’ two opening offenses were unexpected, and the mercury-filled team basketball was a joy to watch.
The ball rights were exchanged and Duncan hit from mid-range.
Popovich is familiar with the Lakers, and he grabbed the free throw line at the beginning, the Lakers’ most deadly spot.
But in the next round, Sun Hao used Walker’s cover to come out and quickly hit a three-pointer.
The same thing fell into the bag!
8 to 4!
Both teams scored in every offensive possession at the beginning!
Such a scene also reminds fans of the offensive battle between the two teams last year.
But at this moment, Popovich stood up, walked to the sidelines and stretched out his hand to signal the team to adjust defensively.
/The Spurs’ defense suddenly expanded, and Walker’s three-point shot from the outside missed.
Duncan grabbed a defensive rebound, and the Spurs launched a defensive counterattack. Parker