if you are lucky, you can complete the dynasty in Boston!
Well, these things make me happy just thinking about them!
They are allowed to train at the North Shore Garden Arena!
This sends a strong signal: The Celtics should have given up on “floor tactics”!
This is not too surprising.
Anyone who has played a game should know that there are many ways to lose, and the most uncomfortable thing is to be reversed.
If two games in a row were reversed, the next games would not need to be played.
This is also good news for the Lakers. If the two teams play normally, the Lakers have a greater chance of winning.
When it came to the training session, the cautious Rambis arranged for the players to test both halves of the arena.
The results of the test were pretty much what they expected. The floor of the arena was better!
Well, you can replace the floor yourself. This feeling is very comfortable!
“Could this be Boston’s intention?”
Rambis was still cautious and discussed it with Sun Hao after training.
It’s not impossible. I’ll send out a false signal first to make you careless, and then catch you off guard when the game comes.
Although the effect of this floor tactic is only half-court, if they work harder to defeat the game in the half-court, the Lakers may not be able to turn the game over.
/After all, the G3 Lakers only trailed by 12 points at halftime. What if they trailed by 24 points?
The situation in the second half was completely different.
Sun Hao nodded, this is not impossible.
“Floor tactics” have been used, and it’s normal to use some tricks.
Is it just possible that the Lakers will trail by 24 points at halftime?
And if the Celtics really did that, it would be a complete gambler’s mentality.
Because as long as they can’t open the score in the first half, the game will be decided by halftime.
Sun Hao doesn’t think Anji and Rivers have this kind of personality.
Of course, we won’t know what will happen in the end until G4 actually starts.
/After training, when he returned to the locker room, Sun Hao asked Su Feng to run and buy some pizza.
Because we had to test the venue, today’s training lasted a little longer than usual, and the team members were somewhat hungry.
When people are hungry, everything they eat tastes delicious.
And Sun Hao ordered a variety of pizza flavors for everyone to choose from.
In addition, it was him, the boss of the team, who was treating the guests, so the team members tasted delicious.
At this moment, Payton on the side suddenly remembered something, and then turned around and told Sun Hao a story.
Although Sun Hao had heard that story before, Payton, as a contemporary, told a more detailed version that was still immersive.
That story is called “The Flu War.”
The protagonist of the story is Michael, yes, me again, Jordan.
That was one of the greatest games in Jordan’s career.
In the first two games of the series, the Bulls’ morale was high and they won two games in a row. However, after moving to Utah, the Jazz relied on th