ime continues to shorten, the Chinese team is getting closer and closer to the World Championships championship and the double World Series championship!
Sun Hao’s breakthrough was blocked!
The Spanish team is also fighting hard at this time!
On the offensive end, Gasol once again held the ball and attacked hard. With his soft style of play, he played extremely vigorously tonight.
Yi Jianlian’s block was blocked by the referee!
Gasol, get to the free throw line!
The noise at the scene was loud.
The noise of interference instantly turned into cheers!
Gasol adjusted his breathing before taking action.
88 to 82!
three minutes.
At this time, every point counts.
Over there, Hernandez waved and shouted, and the Spanish team began to press the whole court.
This was also the tactic that the Chinese team was most afraid of in the past.
Well, in the past.
Sun Hao dribbled the ball, broke through two people’s tackles and advanced to the frontcourt, and then accelerated into the inside without stopping.
The Spanish team’s defense shrank. After Sun Hao broke in, he scored a ball to the bottom corner.
Zhu Fangyu’s tacit follow-up over there is already in place!
Zhu Fangyu made two consecutive shots in the second half and didn’t score, so he didn’t take another shot. However, this opportunity was too good, so he adjusted it before taking another shot.
There was an inexplicable silence on the scene.
This time point, this three-pointer, will be critical!
It didn’t take more than three seconds, and there was a crisp sound!
Zhu Fangyu’s key three-pointer went in!
The big heart ability honed in the NBA Finals!
After scoring the goal, Zhu Fangyu suddenly waved his fist, and Navarro, who was so frightened that he ran past, hid away.
91 to 82!
With a score difference of 9 points, the Chinese team has a great chance of winning!
/The Spanish team starts to grab three points!
Navarro used Gasol’s pick-and-roll pass from the outside, and directly pulled it from outside the three-point line!
Just pull it out and there it is!
Compared with psychological quality and key ball ability, Navarro is not weak at all!
91 to 85!
The fans at the scene felt their adrenaline secreting rapidly.
This World Championship final is definitely the most exciting game of this event.
“China team! Come on!”
The big brother who was shouting “Sun Hao, I love you” in the front is now leading the fans to cheer for the Chinese team.
Amid the cheers, Sun Hao broke through the double-team defense and faced Gasol in the paint, causing the latter to foul!
After being knocked to the ground, Sun Hao was pulled up by Gasol and Yi Jianlian who came over.
He took a breath, slapped Gasol on the butt, then turned to the free throw line.
Adjust your breathing and get both penalties.
93 to 85!
The Spanish team is still rushing to shoot three-pointers.
Unfortunately, Fernandez’s shot failed to hit this time.
Yao Ming gritted his teeth and grabbed another defensive rebound.