ors were extremely excited!
Durant ran directly to Sun Hao and forcibly bumped his chest with him!
/Rose had just scored a difficult goal, and Sun Hao turned around and dunked 2+1 directly on the head!
But he likes it!
Sun Hao went to the free throw line, adjusted his breathing, and made a steady hit with the extra penalty.
10 to 8!
The Warriors performed quite well offensively tonight.
Looking back, Gasol supported the ball from the high post, and Rose continued to rush in without the ball through the screen!
An ordinary player would have been stunned for a while if he was dunked by Sun Hao, but Rose turned around and immediately went into attack!
Gasol’s pass was passed comfortably, Rose got the ball and flew for a layup, avoiding Landry’s help in the air and scoring!
10 square meters!
“The roses are blooming!”
This time Mike Miller got poetic.
And maybe he didn’t realize that he gave Ross a nickname that would become popular in the future!
Rose means Rose in the name, but if it is just the word, it means rose.
From the beginning of the game until now, he has scored 8 of the Grizzlies’ 10 points!
And the key is Rose’s style of play, which is both agile and violent, and fits well with the pungent fragrance of roses.
The Grizzlies bench was abuzz.
Like the Warriors, they are also a serious youth team!
Livingston held the ball across the frontcourt and continued to pass the ball to Sun Hao.
This time, under Hollins’s shout, Miller let Livingston come over to double-team!
Sun Hao’s strong attack just now showed that Rose couldn’t guard him alone, and Livingston had no shooting ability.
This double-team selection is no problem.
However, Livingston didn’t stand still. After seeing Miller let him go, he quickly cut inside.
As a quality point guard, reading defense is a basic ability.
Sun Hao did not choose to attack when double-teamed, but once again found every opportunity to accurately deliver the ball to Livingston!
Livingston took the ball and attacked the basket. After attracting the help of Gasol, he made a direct pass to Oden under the basket without looking at anyone!
After Oden got the ball, he pulled up and dunked again!
Oden couldn’t help roaring after finishing the dunk!
Sun Hao finished feeding Livingston!
Not only Durant, he was also having a great time today!
“Sun made the Warriors’ positional battle completely open!”
Barkley continued Sun’s blowing mode.
But this is very professional.
Originally, this Warriors team was young, and their previous style of play relied on speed and defensive counterattacks.
But after Sun Hao joined, he restrained a lot of defenses. Coupled with his passing ability at every opportunity, the Warriors’ positional warfare ability has directly improved to a higher level!
Whether it’s Durant, Oden, or even Livingston, they all played better than before!
Rose broke out in the frontcourt again, and this time the Warriors double-teamed him.
Rose’s pass from the inside was intercepted by Sun