luded Buss Jr., Kupchak, Harris, and Sun Hao.
Before the press conference began, Kupchak showed Yao Ming’s Lakers No. 11 jersey to the fans.
The Lakers have retired many jersey numbers, but No. 11 is not included.
And this jersey is an extra-large size, so the efficiency is also possible.
Yao Ming took the jersey and showed it first, with a smile on his face. It could be seen that he was in a good mood after making the decision.
After the jerseys were displayed, Buss Jr., Kupchak and Harris all said some welcome words, followed by reporters’ questions.
Yao Ming’s behavior in front of the media is somewhat similar to Sun Hao’s, both are relatively down-to-earth and have a unique sense of humor.
For example, when a reporter asked Yao Ming about a slightly sensitive topic.
This question arose long before the free market began, and it is considered one of the must-have questions for reporters.
And it’s not easy to answer this, because if you answer yes, it seems very pretentious, and if you answer no, it seems very unqualified.
Yao Ming’s answer was:
“Does this include fans in the Bay Area and New York?”
A rhetorical question, and this sentence alone made the reporters below laugh.
Smart people never answer questions in a yes or no way.
And it’s not an avoidance.
Because another way to put this rhetorical question is, you ask this, do other championship teams know?
It’s a rhetorical question, but it’s actually also an answer.
Because if the NBA really loses suspense, then other teams should just sit back and compete to make it worse.
But reality is clearly not the case.
This answer can be regarded as giving Los Angeles fans the most intuitive understanding of Yao Ming’s temper off the court.
To be honest, this kind of character is very lovable!
Sun Hao is so popular among Americans because, in addition to his personal skills, he also has a humorous personality.
Yao Ming is exactly the same!
Because of Yao Ming’s personality, the atmosphere of the press conference became extremely relaxed.
However, FOX Sports, which has always liked to cause trouble, in a relaxed atmosphere, a reporter asked a question that was not only sensitive, but also very provocative.
“Reggie Miller once said that if Jordan called to recruit him, he would say ‘Fuck You’ to Jordan. Has Sun called you?” As
soon as this question was asked, there was already a restlessness below.
This is so direct, it almost points to Yao Ming’s nose and says that he is too spineless compared to Miller.
Yao Ming was also stunned for a moment.
Wisdom is only useful among civilized people. As the saying goes, “When a scholar meets a soldier, he can’t explain why.” If the other party directly criticizes, wisdom will not work.
At this time, Sun Hao took the initiative to bring the microphone in front of him.
The Lakers are his team, Los Angeles is his territory, and Yao Ming is his good friend and new teammate. In this case, he has to stand up no matter what.
Sun Hao responded directly.
/And this is also the