he basket. As for the mid-range, I’ll leave it to you.
Anyway, your mid-range shot is only two points. Looking back, O’Neal’s inside shot is also two points.
Moreover, the mid-range shooting rate is definitely not as good as the basket, and it is easy to get fouled when defending O’Neal, not to mention the impact on morale.
Everyone can settle this account.
Phil Jackson didn’t have much command on the court, and he didn’t even bother to call timeouts in many cases, letting the players handle it themselves on the court.
The Mavericks couldn’t hit a three-pointer. Finley missed the mid-range shot after receiving a pass.
The Lakers’ sudden change in defensive style made the Mavericks somewhat uncomfortable.
O’Neal collected the defensive rebound with his long arms.
The Lakers continued their position in the frontcourt, O’Neal continued to gain position inside, and the Mavericks could only continue to double-team.
This time, O’Neal showed off his skills. After turning around, he passed the ball from close range to Kobe, who was cutting in from the weak side.
After receiving the ball, Kobe jumped into the air and dunked directly with one hand.
The Staples Center exploded instantly.
Nicholson put down his coffee, stood up and pumped his fists excitedly.
OK, show time!
10 to 6!
Nowitzki’s high-post jump shot still missed. O’Neal grabbed the rebound this time and then threw it directly from the backcourt.
Kobe had already passed the midfield. After receiving the ball, he quickly broke to the free throw line against Sun Hao’s defense and made a reverse layup with a change of hands behind his back.
This shot was very difficult, but Kobe showed his physical flexibility at this stage and scored a layup!
12 to 6!
The cheers started again.
The Lakers began to suppress the Mavericks!
Although Nelson used some tricks to get the Mavericks players into shape before the game, the Lakers were obviously stronger!
“Speed! Speed!”
Old Nelson couldn’t sit still. He stood up and walked to the sidelines, waving his arms and shouting.
The Mavericks’ position war has become unstoppable, and the Lakers are cheating by having O’Neal.
If the Mavericks want to break the current situation, they can only play faster.
However, after the Mavericks really started to speed up, the situation did not change.
Because O’Neal at this time is really not slow!
In 2010, O’Neal had a 100-meter race with sprint champion Tyson Gay in a reality show.
The person who won in the end was O’Neal!
Although O’Neill started halfway, Gay was the 100-meter world champion.
And that was in 2010. When he was about to retire, he was now at his peak!
In the game, a one-stop fast break layup from the backcourt is not a problem for him.
O’Neal scored 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists alone, completely invincible.
Nelson was forced to call a timeout.
And after calling a timeout, he stood there without moving for a while.
/He basically used all the little tricks before the game, the three-pointer in positional batt