e beginning of the century feels a bit like ancient times to him.
In addition to the three Great Walls, he was also familiar with Hu Weidong and Liu Yudong, but the others were only by name.
After watching it now, he felt that it was so accurate.
The accuracy of their fixed-point shooting from outside the three-point line is not much worse than his.
In Sun Hao’s time, when watching men’s basketball games, he often listened to the old commentators talking about basic skills. At that time, he didn’t have much impression.
But seeing the shooting of these two people, and comparing it with the men’s basketball team at that time, it’s not that the past is inferior to the present, but it feels like the basic skills are really one to two levels behind.
And there is another feeling that this men’s basketball team has very high skills and tactics, especially defensive counterattacks and positional battles.
Don’t tell me, in terms of playing style, the men’s basketball team is a bit similar to the Mavericks.
He suddenly felt that the game at night was likely to be full of suspense.
In fact, he was not the only one who had this idea. The Mavericks players also had an incredible feeling after watching it.
Most of them have never been to China, let alone watched the men’s basketball team play.
Their impression was that the level of Asian basketball was not high, but it turned out that their impression was off.
In fact, speaking of it, the international competitions in the early years, especially the Olympic Games, were very confusing.
The 12 teams are divided into two groups, 6 into 4.
I was slightly unlucky to be grouped with teams like the United States and Serbia and Montenegro/Yugoslavia.
That’s not the joke later that the Chinese team is in the group of death, but the real group of death.
But even so, the men’s basketball team has reached the top 8 in two consecutive Olympic Games, and its strength is evident.
Harris also held his chin in thought.
The Chinese men’s basketball team played in the summer league in 1996, but failed to win a game.
If the Mavericks lose, he and this team may become a historical backdrop.
After the training, the players from both sides left the training hall one after another.
Before leaving, Zhang Weiping asked Sun Hao to tell him something.
This game will be broadcast live in China, and there will be an interview before the game asking him to cooperate.
Only then did Sun Hao notice a detail.
Although this game is only a summer league game, it is a very crucial game for domestic fans.
This is more attractive than any derby game.
Sun Hao felt a little pressure coming on.
The Mavericks did not train in the afternoon, and Sun Hao continued to practice his stepback and catching and shooting in the system.
Bell was nowhere to be seen again, and he probably went to the training hall to practice again.
Two hours before the start of the game, Sun Hao came out of the system and Bell came back.
/I’m sweating profusely, so I should really go train.