ficult and may even risk overturning, compared to Yao Ming’s health, it is still worth it.
Two days later, the Mavericks defeated the Clippers in the tiebreaker, crushing the Clippers to get the last spot in the Western Conference semifinals.
The semifinal matchups in the Western Conference are also announced.
Lakers VS Spurs, Warriors VS Mavericks.
The first round was exciting enough, and this round is very interesting just to watch the matchup.
You must know that in the first round, fans still felt that the Clippers were regretful because of Howard and the Grizzlies were unable to exert their full strength because of Rose.
But in the second round, this problem will not occur again.
Moreover, the configuration of these teams is almost “perfect”, and the excitement here can be seen with the naked eye.
In comparison, the east side is a bit “going through the motions”.
The Knicks and Bulls both swept and advanced to the second round.
The remaining Pacers easily defeated the Bucks 4-1.
The only ones with a little suspense, the Hawks and Pistons, only scored 4-2 in the end.
And it was also 4-2, and the Eagles came from 3-1, so there was not much suspense.
In the second round, the Knicks VS Hawks, Bulls VS Pacers.
Well, if you are an Eastern Conference fan, you just want to press the fast forward button at this time and watch the Knicks-Bulls battle earlier.
The Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard, was elected by virtue of his performance of averaging 19 points and 6.5 assists per game, beating out his teammate No. 1 pick Anthony Davis.
It is worth mentioning that Lillard’s total vote rate exceeded 55%, which is definitely a big surprise for Denver fans.
The result of Rookie of the Year was surprising, and then the result of Dpoy was even more surprising.
Yao Ming was elected Dpoy!
This is also the first time in his career!
/Although Yao Ming is completely worthy in terms of statistics, he has had better statistics than this before with the Wizards, but in the end he only scored one defense.
/The most telling thing about this is that the team you play on is really important.
Because this selection is voted on by the media, not to mention how many media there are in Los Angeles, even the exposure rate of the Lakers is different.
Coupled with the excellent record of the Lakers, it will give you a feeling of “turns out he is so good”.
Yao Ming himself didn’t expect it, but he was still very happy after winning the award, and his approach was very Chinese.
He invited his teammates to have a meal together directly after training.
This can also be regarded as a collective relaxation for the teammates before the fierce semi-finals.
One day later, the conference semifinals officially kicked off.
The Staples Center was packed to capacity, and the front rows were filled with Hollywood stars.
Nicholson, the team’s number one fan, was among them, and Sun Hao’s wife Scarlett was also sitting there with little Beijing.
At this time, little Beijing was already very temperamental. A