I just asked Mr. Azik to create an opportunity to bring out the sealed artifact “30782”. Whether I can seize this opportunity depends on my own on-the-spot performance. Klein’s mind was completely not on the card table, so he missed repeatedly. He lost 5 souli in one hour, which made him feel quite distressed. He planned to focus on it first and recover some losses.
After purchasing various materials for the “Sun Flame Spell” yesterday afternoon, his private money dropped to less than 1 pound again, and this also required paying 2 soli for a daily carriage fee to inspect houses with dark red chimneys.
While waiting for Cornley to shuffle the cards, he picked up the copper penny in front of him out of boredom and turned it around casually.
Suddenly, he saw Luo Yao staring at him very seriously.
What’s wrong? Klein was stunned for a moment, and then he saw the crumbling copper penny.
This was to warn me of using divination techniques to cheat my teammates. Don’t take it so seriously. He immediately understood and pressed down the 1 penny coin with a dry smile.
At this moment, Dunn Smith knocked on the door and entered, looked around and said:
“There is something going on in Morse Town. Leonard, please go and deal with it.”
Klein from Morse Town became energetic and asked pretending to be curious:
“Captain, what happened?”
Dunn glanced at him with gray eyes and explained casually:
“In recent days, there have been several suspected haunted incidents there. First, when someone was passing by the cemetery, they heard crying inside and saw vague shadows flashing past. Then, a widow woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. On the way, she met her deceased husband, who almost fainted from shock. In addition, there was an old man living alone. He always heard heavy footsteps echoing in the house, but as long as he lit a candle or a gas lamp, everything became quiet again. The residents of this town generally believe in the goddess, and the local priest directly reported the situation.”
/It was not meant to hurt anyone, it was closer to a prank. It should have been caused by Mr. Azik. Klein said with a repeatedly rehearsed expression and tone: “Captain, there have been several suspected haunting incidents suddenly. There may be some secrets hidden behind them. On the other hand, divination can give certain revelations, and I think I can help Leonard.”
Upon hearing these words, Leonard’s green eyes immediately stared at Klein, as if he wanted to find clues and traces on his face.
Dunn nodded first, then hesitated.
Seeing the captain’s reaction, Klein immediately added:
“Some things, in the end, may require ritual magic to completely purify them.”
“It makes sense.” Dunn thought for a moment and said, “Then you and Leonard go to Morse Town together.”
Before anyone else could speak, he added: “Well, you probably won’t be ab