Secondly, the Tingen City Nighthawks team has no “1” level sealed artifacts, and only three “2” level sealed items. This is a secret that Klein should not know, but in view of the critical situation, Dunn decisively used the “emergency clause”, Told him the general situation.
Dunn Smith could not hold the ashes of Saint Selena and pick up other sealed objects at the same time, not even one.
The “2” level sealed objects behind Chanis Gate in Tingen City are: “2030”, “2078” and “2105”.
The name “2030” is “Eternal Poison”, which comes from an extraordinary person who suddenly went crazy and whose serial name is unknown. He cut his own wrist and committed suicide, allowing the blood in his body to flow into a small ordinary silver cup. However, after he drained all the blood, the silver cup was not full. The liquid inside became crystal clear and moist, and was extremely tempting. Even a Sequence 5 Beyonder couldn’t resist this temptation. He drank the cup of liquid and was poisoned on the spot. die.
After the poisoned person dies, the venom will come out bit by bit from the pores of his skin and gather together again, no more and no less than what it was at the beginning.
Dunn said that the researchers of the temple suspect that high-sequence strong people will die from this, but the problem is that high-sequence strong people will hardly be tempted by the cup of poison, and because of the obvious characteristics of “2030”, it is impossible to take it by mistake. If you want to poison them, you must first capture them, control them tightly, and force them to drink. But why bother?
“2030” will continue to tempt surrounding creatures to drink it. The user must concentrate on resisting this power. If you relax a little, you will drink the poison in your hand like a habitual action.
Almost as soon as Dunn finished describing it, Klein had already decided not to choose this sealed artifact.
“2078” is called the “Door of Death”. It looks like a normal wooden door. All creatures that pass through it will die directly. No high-sequence experts have participated in the test.
/It has the characteristic of being alive, will always try to escape, and can change its shape and disguise itself as those doors that originally existed. If the user makes a mistake and lets it escape control, then they must be careful and cannot pass through any of the surrounding doors. Try to stay where you are and wait for rescue, or just break the wall and leave.
Klein considered using “2078”, but after repeated weighing, he believed that the intuition of mythical creatures must be very keen and should be able to distinguish which door is the “Death Door”. Therefore, the actual combat effect of this sealed artifact will not be very good.
Finally, he decided to pick “2105”.
The name of this sealed artifact is “Vess