the fact that last year he spared no effort to discredit President Bill Clinton with the Zippergate incident.
Han Xuan has already had an argument with President Clinton over the acquisition of Time Warner Group, and it is considered a personal grudge of the president. From a political party perspective, the president naturally does not want Time Warner Group to fall to the Republican Party.
However, it is worth pondering that Clinton is about to retire and will have little to do with the Democratic Party after that. This is why Han Xuan was sure in advance and persuaded him not to intervene in the acquisition and helped him complete the acquisition. The two had “good personal relations.” .
When it comes to giving gifts, Han Xuan is now a good hand, having been trained by his old man. When it comes to the black trade of money and power, in fact, the White House is the hardest hit area. Faced with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars, it is very difficult. Few people can hold it.
/At this moment.
The phone on Han Xuan’s desk rang. After he picked it up, he heard Secretary Joey tell him that a gentleman named Gordon Byron came to see him. After thinking about it for a while, he remembered who this guy was from the Democratic Party. The current party whip!
In the United States, the party whip is regarded as the third-in-command of a political party. The first-in-command is the speaker, and the second-in-command is the leader of the majority party. The disciplinary committee is responsible for safeguarding the interests of the party. It has great power. It is reasonable for him to come to the door when encountering such a thing.
Smiling and telling him, “Invite him in, I’m free now.”
/After saying that, Han Xuan hung up the phone and continued to lie on the chair with a smile on his face.
Since this afternoon, the phone calls have almost never stopped. The more people who come to Han Xuan’s door, the happier he is, because it shows that Time Warner Group has huge influence. If he can get it easily, he will have to think about whether he should acquire this company. As
Han Xuan suddenly began to forcibly acquire Time Warner Group, the attention of all parties was attracted. If this company changes hands, it will disrupt the political and business structure of the United States to some extent, and they cannot help but take it seriously. .
Before the acquisition, Han Xuan thought quietly for several hours before deciding to acquire Time Warner Group. He took into account all the things that should be considered during the acquisition process. There have been some minor changes recently, such as the stock price falling by the limit after the market opened this morning.
This is a good thing for him. He quickly obtained a small share of Time Warner Group’s shares and is about to get a say within the company. Until now, things have been within his plan, but it does not mean that It’s already a sure thing.
Han Xuan understood that he had crossed the line this time and had touched the