But this girl Xu Yao turned out to be Xu Fuyan’s daughter. What a treasure. In fact, there is an amendment to what I just said: What I see with my left eye is friendship and love, but what I see with my right eye is power, huge power!
After leaving the restaurant, he found a phone booth and called Zuo Yuxi. Wen Liang went alone to the Imperial Garden where the two met last time. After waiting at the door for half an hour, Zuo Yuxi’s black Santana slowly drove over. Wen Liang stepped forward and put his left hand on the roof of the car, looking at the beauty in the car window with a smile.
The window covered with car film rolled down, revealing Zuo Yuxi’s smiling face. She was wearing a white stand-up collared shirt with the hem tucked into a black knee-length skirt.
Zuo Yuxi glanced over charmingly and said angrily: “I’m not afraid of pinching your hand when I crawl so close!” Wen
Liang smiled and said: “Speaking of pinching, Confucius told a story in the Analects of Confucius. It tells a story about a person Encountering two boats going towards each other, I held my hand out of the window and pinched a finger. When I came back and told my wife, my wife was shocked and said something. My sister, guess what she said?”
Zuo Yuxi had not thought of Wen Liang for a long time. When a child looks at it, especially after this period of training, Wen Liang has a strong masculine aura about him. Zuo Yuxi is a little uncomfortable being stared at by him at such a close distance. He tilts his head and thinks for a moment. She glared at him: “Don’t be pretentious, what did you say?”
/“She was shocked and warned, if you encounter such a thing in the future, remember not to urinate!”
Zuo Yuxi smiled, what is it like to be in an officialdom? He had never seen any dirty jokes before, so he reached out and hit him on the head, and said angrily: “No matter how big or small, even Confucius dared to make up one! Get in the car, and I will take you in.”
Entering the room, Zuo Yuxi asked Wen Liang watched TV first and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. Wen Liang played with the remote control and listened to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, and he was enjoying himself.
“Oops!” Zuo Yuxi whispered, then remembered that she was not alone at home today, there was a man outside. Yes, in Zuo Yuxi’s heart, although Wen Liang was only 16 years old, he was more like an ordinary man. A man.
She flicked the side of her crimson face, spat, closed the curtain and started taking a shower. Wen Liang walked around the house twice, opened the refrigerator and searched for a long time. There was no cold drink that could reduce the heat. There were more than a dozen bottles of Tsingtao beer in cans neatly lined up on the three floors. He looked at the bathroom, shook his head and said to himself: “I didn’t expect to be an alcoholic, haha.” He took three bottles and returned to the sofa, drinking while waiting for Zuo Yuxi to come out. Unexpectedly, after drinking three bottles of beer, there was st