adise of happiness or dire straits? of hell.
/No matter which place, which country, whether it is hell or heaven, it all depends on whether you have money in your pocket. The two women who have a billionaire boyfriend naturally have a lot of money in their pockets. When they were studying abroad, they lived in a villa and drove a nice car. They went on self-driving tours whenever they had time, held BBQs on the lawn at home, or Went to attend a party and BBQ held by American classmates. Although the two women recounted the facts in a calm and even embarrassed tone, without exaggeration or showing off, they still made a group of men and women who stayed in the interior and had never been abroad envious to death, and they all beat their chests. Lament and shout corruption.
Wang Bo saw that the two had caused “public outrage” and hurriedly changed the subject and asked everyone about their future plans. Graduation was going to be in more than a year. Should everyone choose to continue their studies or leave school to work.
/“Go, go, go! You follow the boss and have a good life. Now you are worth millions. You are one of the founders of ‘Blog China’. What difference does it make if you study or not?” Han Lin rolled her eyes at Tang Jian and looked at him like he was sweeping away garbage. He waved his hand.
“Paper wealth! Hey, it’s just paper wealth, don’t take it seriously!” Tang Jian chuckled. Although he was modest, the pride on his face was obvious.
“Hypocritical!” Everyone gave him the middle finger.
After Tang Jian spoke, others also spoke. Most of them did not want to continue studying. They all wanted to work in society and make money as soon as possible, except for Lin Wenjian. Lin Wenjian said that he wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination at Tsinghua University and still study computer science.
It was Wang Bo’s attention to let Lin Wenjian go to Qingda University, the highest university in China, to further his studies. The other party is an indispensable part of his future Internet landscape. In the future development of WeChat, he plans to let his good friend Lin Wenjian take the lead. However, it is only 2004, and the mobile Internet of Things has not yet made any impact. The hardware has not been developed, and the software alone is useless. Lin Wenjian went to Tsinghua University to study for graduate school. Not only could he improve his programming skills, but he could also get to know a group of technical experts from Tsinghua University. When the trend of mobile Internet of Things becomes popular, he would fund and provide development ideas, and Lin Wenjian would pull up a A highly skilled development team directly copied the original version of WeChat, which later dominated the mobile social networking world, and Hu, the fast-moving WeChat app, shared the world equally with Alipay in mobile payments.
Of course, before that, the future “Father of WeChat” Zhang Dalong needs to be pulled over or strangled in the cradle in advance.
While eating, drinking, and fighting, every