hair hanging on the tip of his nose and said, “It’s annoying to be hit on by pretty girls every day!”
He was responded to by middle fingers from boys and boos from girls.
Tan Yu politely cupped his hands and said, “It’s a joke, it’s a joke!”
Ren Yi had conflicts with Tan Yu before, but they were both heartless people. The conflicts went away as quickly as they came, and the bad feelings were gone long ago. Hitting his shoulder, he feigned anger and said, “Don’t imitate me!”
“Forgive me, forgive me!”
“You still want to learn?”
Wen Liang didn’t bother to pay attention to them. Standing beside Tan Yu, rubbing the corners of his clothes with his fingers, without the usual heavy makeup, Quiet looked like a different person.
However, based on what he had seen and heard in her previous life, Wen Liang was deeply doubtful about whether she could change her mind. However, it was difficult for Tan Yu to say anything. He nodded as a greeting, walked up to Xu Yao, and said sadly: “Everyone is… It was your idea, wasn’t it? You really know how to save me money!”
Xu Yao stuck out her tongue and smiled proudly.
There were twelve people in total, and Da Qie could only bring four people. Xu Yao, Ji Su, Ning Xiaoning and Meng Ke were just enough to count. Liu Zhi and Ren Yi Tan Yu followed them in two taxis respectively. A huge group of people I went to a newly opened barbecue city on the outskirts of East District. This season is not yet the peak season for barbecues, but maybe because of the promotions, there were actually quite a few people sitting there, and the exquisitely decorated first-floor hall was bustling with people.
Since there was no reservation, the private room on the second floor was already full. Liu Zhihe said: “Then let’s go to the lobby. You want an atmosphere when having barbecue.” Wen Liang had
no objection, so he found two large tables in the corner and placed them in the lobby. Together, he said with a smile: “Everyone, order whatever you want. Today I am willing to go all out. As long as you dare to order, I will pay the bill!”
/Ren Yi laughed loudly, took the menu from the waiter, and said: “This is what you said, comrade Guys, it’s rare for Boss Wen to be generous. If anyone shows mercy and pretends to be a good person, he’ll punish himself with three drinks later!”
/“Okay, let’s do it!”
Everyone responded in unison, and sat around and started ordering, what kind of pork belly, fat beef and fat sheep? Ah, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is, it’s quite similar to the way the local tycoons were divided up their land.
After ordering the food, the boys drank beer and the girls drank drinks. They raised their glasses and bumped them together, saying: “Cheers!”
Youth is innocent and in its prime. You can only truly understand it after more than ten years. The words, the girl’s white clothes, the boy’s smile, all appeared in each other’s best moments at an age when they didn’t know how to cherish them. Who was childish and superficial, who was proud and indiffe