raid that you are drunk, so let me come over and take a look.”
Wen Liang smiled and said, “I didn’t drink much, ha.”
The girl saw that Lin Jing was far beyond her own in terms of temperament, appearance, and deportment. Hearing Wen Liang’s ridicule, he felt even more embarrassed. He suddenly took out money from his coat pocket and threw it in front of Wen Liang, saying, “I won’t do your business if you are so ugly!” After that, he
walked away. Wen Liang looked at the money on the table. It was almost the same as the price of the drink he bought this girl. He understood that she was paying back the money in disguise. It seemed that she was still a little ashamed, but not hopeless. But the ambiguity caused by what he said was too great, as if the two of them were talking about something shameful. Lin Jing opened her mouth slightly, but she didn’t feel the embarrassment of other subordinates after bumping into her boss. Instead, she sat next to him and looked at Wen with a smile. Forgive me, don’t say a word.
Wen Liang pushed the money to the bartender and said: “Give this lady a Baileys.”
“No, I want a Bloody Mary!”
Wen Liang looked at her in surprise, Lin Jing tilted her head and smiled: “What, boss? If I can discuss business with a young girl, why can’t I have a Bloody Mary?”
Wen Liang laughed loudly and said, “Okay, I’ll treat you to a Bloody Mary and keep what happened just a secret for me, how about that?”
The lights in the bar suddenly dimmed, leaving only two rows of footlights shining on the stage. A long-haired girl dressed in black was holding a guitar and sitting alone in the center of the stage. Along with the melodious melody, her heavenly voice suddenly echoed in my ears.
We meet each other everywhere in life, and Wen Liang never expected that he would meet this girl again here!
/However, the 1990s was the decade when the music market exploded and flourished. Countless men and women with music dreams began the difficult life of drifting to Beijing, living in basements, eating scraps of cold rice, on the roadside, on overpasses, in the subway, and in the subway. Any place where they can show their musical talent, no fear of the cold wind, no fear of rain, dew, frost, and the pity, touch, ridicule, or shaking of the faces of those who pass by them, they will pursue their dreams and dreams without any hesitation. future.
Then, either succeed or die!
“Welcome to the Crescent Bay Bar. I hope you can have a good time tonight. Now I will sing for you a piece “Whispering” that I just completed last night. I hope you like it!” “I still remember the pity in
the corners of your eyes in the misty rain of my previous life.
I sewed a long coat for you and you tied my hair into a bun. I spent
half my life wandering in troubled times and was unable to grow old with you.
Now I sing a song on Naihe Bridge and I am waiting for you.”
Wen Liang was just listening to the song quietly at first, but after hearing it, he His heart trembled, and even Lin Jing next to him felt that his bo