ngs, even for a cow like Li Qingniu who talks so eloquently. No one dares to say it openly. How dare he tell Ning Huchen that you should never quit? If you quit, it will be a trap?
“Do you know why the old man changed his mind so hastily?”
“It probably wasn’t a hasty decision. When he decided to retire last year, grandpa was a little reluctant. He was not in love with power, he was just being pushed by others. Being forced to quit and quitting voluntarily are two different things. With his temperament, he really can’t bear this tone.”
In fact, a closer analysis shows that the cooperation with the Lei family was Wen Liang’s idea, and the prediction of the economic crisis was also what Wen Liang told Ning. Xi, and then the Yan family’s attack this time was due to Fan Mingzhu’s betrayal, and it was also inextricably linked to Wen Liang, so although Wen Liang didn’t directly tell Ning Huchen not to abdicate, lest he regret it later , but the factors that ultimately prompted Ning Huchen to change his mind were inseparable from his explicit or covert participation.
The roaring tigers in the mountains and forests are imprisoned by the water, and the astrolabe is set at sunset, and the problem is solved in Beijing!
Wen Liang understood the first two sentences, but not the last two. If he thought about this, he would have a deeper understanding of Li Qingniu, and also know the two couplets he gave to him when he was leaving. There must be a special meaning in “The ninth level of the emperor is the noblest among the emperors, and the fifth level of princes are respected outside the gates”.
/“No matter what the reason is, the old man’s decision must have its own reason. It’s useless for us to speculate,” Wen Liang said thoughtfully: “But if the old man doesn’t retreat and the Zhuang family calms down, they probably won’t give up.”
That life The result of Ning Huchen’s concession was that the Ning clan was uprooted. Of course, this result contained too many accidental factors. If it hadn’t been for the flood that almost destroyed half of China, it might have been another outcome; and this result The result of not retreating forever is unknown in the future, but in the short term, it will definitely be regarded as a thorn in the side of the Zhuang clan.
“That’s why I just said that it’s hard to say whether it’s a good thing for the Ning family, but it’s definitely not a good thing for you and me!” Ning Xi reached out and hugged Wen Liang’s waist, burying her head tightly in his arms. , said: “The conflict between the Zhuang clique and the Yan clique will become peaceful after the First Plenary Session of the Central Committee. At that time, it wil