d spoke with a deep feeling He looked at her with eyes that seemed to have a thousand words, and started shouting at the top of his lungs: “Who married you, who is sentimental, who read your diary; who tied up your long hair, who made you a wedding dress. “When he saw this, Liao Xiaoqing burst into tears and started crying uncontrollably.
Wang Bo also burst into tears and burst into tears. He walked up to him and told him that he liked him and helped him. He had been giving silently for the past two years and answered all requests. The girl held him in his arms. Wang Bo, who could no longer sing, handed the microphone to Li Yang, hugged Liao Xiaoqing tightly, and said with some choking:
“Xiaoqing, thank you, thank you very much. We are lifelong friends.” When you get to university in the future, if you have any difficulties or encounter any unsolvable problems, you must come to me, okay? ”
/Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Liao Xiaoqing hugged Wang Bo tightly and cried, as if if he didn’t use any strength, the boy in front of him would suddenly disappear, “Wang Bo, I regret it so much!” I really regret it, oh wow, I really regret it.” Liao Xiaoqing whispered in Wang Bo’s ear, with a choked tone and a sad voice, which made Wang Bo burst into tears, sad and melancholy.
The melody finally ended, and the room was extremely quiet for a while, except for Liao Xiaoqing’s intermittent sobbing. Liao Xiaoqing quickly noticed the end of the music and broke away from Wang Bo’s embrace. Thunderous applause suddenly sounded in the private room, and Wang Bo also started Applause, but I don’t know who the applause is for.
After “My Deskmate” ended, other music started again, and they were all songs that fit the occasion, such as “First Dream”, “Wish You a Journey” “Fair Wind”, “My Future is Not a Dream”, “Treasure”, “With You in My Life”, “Friends”, “Let the World Be Full of Love” and so on.
/During the break in singing, everyone started drinking again. With the accompaniment of music, everyone seemed to let go, including all the girls present, no longer reserved and toasting each other. Some words that I couldn’t normally say were blurted out boldly while I was drunk and under the exciting music.
Wang Bo was still the main recipient of the toast. At the beginning, they were all boys. After drinking, they hugged tightly, patted each other on the back, and then said something like “Thank you, treasure, lifelong friends.”
Then there are girls. Also drink first and then hug each other. However, the girls are much more “vulnerable”, with faces full of reluctance, tears of separation, and even crying. The words he said were similar to those of the boys. The theme was gratitude and cherishing, and don’t forget each other.
“Jiahui” Wang Bo called softly, burying his head in Zhong Jiahui’s neck, taking the same deep breath, inhaling as much of the girl’s familiar body fragrance into his lungs as possible, blending it with himself.
“Don’t say anything, Xiaobo, don’t say anything. I just want to give you a good hug.” A soft murmur sounded