, I’ll be fine. Why did you leave the two keys separately? You didn’t even bring them with you!” Father Han shouted to cover up his embarrassment. He looked back and saw that the white tiger was still on the other side and had not come over. He shouted: “Obama, come here!”
The little white tiger stopped and wanted to go to the plank road. Walk, taking steps but then retracting, making a pitiful cry, raising his head and staring at them, like a lost puppy.
/Han Xuan put his hand to his mouth, “You go down first, we will come to you later!”
It understood correctly, but it didn’t know where it came downstairs. It raised its pointed ears and walked in circles. It walked well. He could hit the wooden board, and finally reached the stairs, passing by as if he didn’t see him.
“Son, is there something wrong with it?”
“No, it’s just that it doesn’t have a good sense of space. It gets lost easily. Now it seems it’s a little afraid of heights.”
“No wonder it’s so stupid.”
Standing in front of the door of the round tree house, the area inside is larger than the one I just left. It’s bigger, about thirty square meters, with two beds placed side by side, covered with white blankets, and a TV set in the corner. The pine floor is neatly laid out and is light yellow in color, reflecting the light of the setting sun. Chairs are placed on both sides of the square table. Bookshelves display dozens of books.
It doesn’t look like a tree house. Even if you look at the photos and say it’s a hotel, some people will believe it.
“What else do you need?”
“Why not install another air conditioner.” Han Xuan teased him.
Unexpectedly, my father took it seriously, so he clapped his hands and said, “That’s right! I almost forgot, it’s hot in the woods in summer!” ”

After a few more glances, he spun down the slide and took three or four seconds to reach the ground.
It was not fun and I did it again. Adults are thin-skinned and embarrassed to do many things. I forgot the last time I played this.
God has given me another chance. More than half of it has passed, and every minute and second is still passing by. We must cherish it even more.
Wait until the boat is ready.
Obama finally found the stairs, with a proud expression on his face, and ran onto the boat to prepare for departure.
The fog was dyed yellow by the setting sun. As the temperature dropped, the fog became thicker and it seemed that it would not dissipate today.
After traveling all day without rest, Han’s father dozed off and speeded up.
The waves surged to both sides and crashed on the shore. They did not subside for a long time. I randomly picked a topic and asked: “How is the lawsuit with the Los Angeles Times going?
” It will take a few months for the official court session to begin.”
“Where are you going?”
/“No, the old man is one of my guardians and he represents me. Mr. Anthony asked me to go to the UK with him. The trip was delayed due to injury, but now it is postponed. I’m planning to go there in early November. I’ve negotiated the con