. In Xijiang, the White Tiger fights fiercely with the cult. Suppressing the White Tiger Wild Sacrifice is to reduce the support for our family. ”
When Ding Qingyao heard this, she knew that Empress Xuan didn’t know as much inside information as she did, but she didn’t dare to reveal the inside information.
Even if she is the Sutra Master of the Dao Palace, if she dares to speak for Ye Si, she will be expelled from the palace by abolishing her cultivation. That would be a light thing.
/Unless she can reveal the existence of Li Yongsheng, the wind watcher.
So she could only ask tactfully, “Then our grievances with Yesi are lower than those with the cult?”
“Yesi itself is a cult,” Queen Xuan answered without thinking.
But the next moment, she looked at Ding Qingyao again and said thoughtfully, “What exactly do you want to say?”
Ding Qingyao hesitated for a moment, then finally gritted his teeth and answered, “The disciple went north twice, with Xinyue, Rouran and Ivan respectively. They have fought against each other, and even went deep into Rouran and Ivan, and luckily returned safely.”
/Empress Xuan looked at her with a slightly unkind look, but when she heard this, her heart softened.
She nodded slightly, “I know your record, and it is worthy of the reputation of our Xuannv Palace. What is hateful is that you were not injured abroad, but almost died when you returned home. Don’t worry, I will seek justice for you in this matter.”
“But” Ding Qingyao hesitated for a moment, then spoke decisively, “but my injury was not caused by Suzaku, you know.”
“Huh?” Empress Xuan looked at her strangely again – of course I know it was not Suzaku, but It is inconvenient to cause trouble with the court at this moment. You should also know the cause and effect. “What on earth do you want to say?”
“Disciple didn’t think so much,” Ding Qingyao quickly shook his head, “I just fought twice in the north. There is one sentence She is not of my race, and her heart must be different.”
Empress Xuan looked at her and remained silent for a long time. Finally, she sighed softly. She felt that she was under a lot of pressure, “It turns out that you also hope that the palace will let Xuan go temporarily. Female Dao, do you really hate the court that much? Hate the person who hurt you so much?”
“I don’t mean that at all,” Ding Qingyao hurriedly denied, “I just think that although China is a big country, there are many foreign enemies. Xuannv Palace Even though we are located in the south, we still have to be wary of foreign races and the internal affairs of our country, and just stop it in moderation.”
When Empress Xuan heard this, she was stunned.
Chapter 852 Don’t be a hooligan.
Empress Xuan was silent for half a stick of incense before she asked, “Are you pleading for Suzaku?”
Fortunately, she listened to the other party first. She had talked to people from three countries. The cultivators fought, and even went on an expedition against Rouran and Ivan. Otherwise, just based on this guess, she would be able to c