Yuan Weiyang asked: “So, what are you going to do?”
“I want no one to control me in this sea of ??chaos. I want my future to be controlled by me!”
“I want to leave Xinzhou and return to the Sea of ??Chaos! Inspire Master Zhong to destroy the Three Realms!”
Before leaving, Xu Ying still had things to do. He entered the sea of ??chaos alone and activated the avenue of chaos. Suddenly, his physical body and spirit changed, and all the avenues turned into chaos. However, after a while, a huge chaotic creature appeared in the sea of ??chaos.
This chaotic creature came to the foot of the Chaos Lotus and carried Xinzhou forward in the Chaos Sea.
From its mouth, it emits a long roar of unknown meaning, which is deafening and echoes in the sea.
After a few years, many chaotic creatures came, and each one flew around Xinzhou to help him take Xinzhou on a long journey.
The Chaos Lotus transformed into a giant lotus that is unparalleled in the world, holding up the new universe and traveling together.
Xu Ying sent the new universe to the Chaos Sea Rift Valley, hung the universe in the Chaos Sea outside the Chaos Immortal Palace, bowed and said: “Master Zhong, please protect this universe.”
The Chaos Clock stirred slightly, seeming to agree.
Xu Ying said goodbye to Yuan Weiyang and said, “Madam, I have troubled you about the safety of Xinzhou.”
Yuan Weiyang smiled and said: “Don’t worry, husband. Although I am no match for Dao End, I can still hide the entire New Universe in the void.”
/Xu Ying left Xinzhou and said silently in his heart: “First go to the ruins of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty, and then go to the Three Realms.”
After the destruction of the Hunyuan Universe, tens of thousands of universes disappeared from the sea of ??chaos, and were replaced by an extremely huge flood source of destruction.
The dark red Sky Fire of Nirvana burned, filling the surrounding sea of ??chaos with an extremely rich aura of Nirvana. Taoist masters did not want to come here for fear of being tainted with misfortune.
At this time, the leader of the Tao Alliance came to the outside of the Nirvana Sky Fire, looked at the burning Nirvana Flood Source, and said with emotion: “The Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty governs tens of thousands of universes, and there are countless creatures in each universe, but this time they all died in it. In the midst of misfortune.”
He was filled with compassion and said with tears: “If we don’t have the truth of the Dao, we will never be able to get rid of our misfortune, and we will definitely face this kind of tragedy! It is in order to prevent this kind of tragedy that our Dao Alliance has made the supreme ambition to completely open up the Sea of ??Chaos. !”
/Behind him, the various palace masters of the Dao Alliance each stood at the end of the avenue, looking at this spectacular and incomparable flood source of death.
Even those at the end of the road are aware of the danger, but if they fall into it, they will die!
Yuanxu, the leader