Along with the rupture of this avenue of heaven and earth, Taiyi Avenue finally began to break!
/Dong Xuanzi, Cen Xizi and Yuxizi returned to the Heaven Realm. Concubine Concubine and other Heaven Realm Taoist masters did not like to see the three of them, but they still came to visit.
The concubine looked around and saw no one else, so she asked, “Where is Jiexuan?”
Cen Xizi said: “After the Nirvana Tribulation broke out on the other side, we separated and she was nowhere to be seen.”
“What about the rest?”
“It has already been robbed.”
The concubine no longer asked.
At this moment, Dong Xuanzi’s body suddenly shook slightly, and wisps of gray snow drifted down from his hair.
Dong Xuanzi was stunned and turned back to look in the direction of the other side.
Snow was flying in his hair, fluttering, and falling continuously. Concubine Concubine, Cen Xizi and others couldn’t help but change their expressions, and said hurriedly: “Dongxuan, what happened?”
Dong Xuanzi’s expression was gloomy and uncertain, he was silent for a moment, and said: “The Taiyi Avenue on the other side is broken. The Xiantian Avenue on the other side is beginning to be shattered. That disciple of mine, he”
He thought of Taiyi Taoist Master and was worried, wondering what Taiyi’s current situation was.
Yuxizi said: “Hua Shengsheng has cultivated the Taiyi Dao and has already faced the disaster. Therefore, those who practice the Taiyi Dao on the other side have a chance of survival. What’s more, the Taiyi Dao master did not cultivate on the other side. Even if there is a disaster, he will die. Don’t fall off.”
“Dongxuan, is your situation serious?” Cen Xizi asked.
“Can’t die.”
Dong Xuanzi exhaled a breath of turbid air, with some Tao snow flying in the turbid air, and said, “Although I have escaped the calamity of death, the calamity on the other side will always haunt me, making it impossible for me to get rid of it. The Tao ashes will continue to fall and eat away. My Dao, but it makes me unable to die for a while. This is probably because Master Hua is there to deal with the disaster for me. It is impossible to imagine being as comfortable as before.”
In the sea of ??chaos, a streak of emerald-green sword energy lingered and flew, swaying away layers of chaos. Wherever the sword light passed, chaos opened up, leaving behind fragments of time and space.
Time and space are like tunnels, constantly collapsing, generating, and extending forward.
Master Tongtian walked in the sea of ??chaos, not in the time and space opened by the Zhuxian Sword. He tried to take this opportunity to understand the principle of annihilation and evidence-based chaos.
It’s just that it’s been a hundred years since he left the other side, but he still hasn’t understood the mystery, and can’t achieve the destruction of evidence-based chaos.
Failure to be evidence-based means that even if he walks in the sea of ??chaos, misfortune will still catch up with him, blind him, make him make mistakes, ma