The people of Longbo are not very fast at lifting their legs, but due to their extremely large size, when they move, their speed is several minutes faster than that of a helicopter.
It can be said that Wei Xiaobei had just run less than 500 meters when he saw a huge leg like a mountain falling from the sky and stepping towards the mutated farmer’s market.
Well, this mutated farmer’s market was originally chasing those pen fairies and dish fairies. It won the first battle, which undoubtedly made it feel very happy. After devouring the pen fairies and dish fairies once, it found that it was good for itself, so it naturally continued to chase after it. Ken gave up.
But what he never expected was that a terrifying monster was staring at him.
/Wei Xiaobei has never explored the attributes of Long Bo’s people, so he naturally doesn’t know how high the biological level of Long Bo’s people is, but the mutated farmer’s market can feel how powerful Long Bo’s people are!
Before the people of Long Bo could approach, the mutated farmer’s market stopped chasing Pen Immortal and Die Immortal, and its body, which was spread out nearly twenty football fields, began to shrink rapidly, making its body shape continue to become thicker.
However, the people of Long Bo came over too fast. Before the mutated farmer’s market could shrink its body to half, the huge mountain-like legs stepped down with a crushing force.
The earth seemed to have experienced a violent earthquake at this time, and the buildings in Green Lake University collapsed in pieces, as if it was the end of the world.
Wei Xiaobei relied on his strong body to stabilize his balance amidst the violent vibrations, but his induction pulse was always heading towards the mutated farmer’s market, observing the situation of the battle.
The mutant farmer’s market was able to escape the giant leg’s trampling, but it was more or less rubbed by the giant leg. After this part of the cement was hit by the giant leg, it suddenly cracked and fell apart. Even the mutant farmer’s market The market body instinctively wants to recycle this part of cement, but it cannot continue to integrate it.
Obviously, the concrete body that was stepped on by the giant leg completely lost its activity, and even the mutated farmer’s market was unable to reintegrate it.
The huge wind sound sounded again, and another giant leg stepped down.
This time, the mutated farmer’s market did not have the same luck as before, and was stepped on by a giant leg.
With a loud bang, the cement in the middle part of the mutated farmer’s market solidified immediately and then shattered.
/After the people of Long Bo stepped on this, they turned away from Cuihu University and walked in the previous direction.
Not long after, the two giant legs that appeared among the clouds and mist quickly disappeared at the edge of Wei Xiaobei’s induction pulse range.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei really wanted to use his pow