Wang Xuan sat down cross-legged, using the mist to guard against it suddenly disappearing through the sky. Looking at the increasingly strong fire, he thought deeply for a while.
/The withered yellow paper is immortal. In the flames of the massive scriptures, it refines the essence, absorbs the rhyme of Taoism, and presents various mysterious symbols. It has a sense of unity and simplicity.
“Eternal and immortal through many epochs, turning a page in each epoch, only one page embodies the essence of an entire extraordinary cosmic civilization. When did you originate and where did you come from?”
In the firelight of the avenue, Wang Xuan’s expression flickered on and off as he stared at the paper, his six-dimensional perception in all fields stretched to the limit, exploring and tracing the past of this page.
Unfortunately, the fog is thick and it is isolated from ancient times and inaccessible.
“Why does it seem less and less real the more I observe it?” He stared at the paper floating in the firelight.
Then, he took out the flower of vision from behind the life soil. This time it was not a manifestation, but a real one. It is still so bright and brilliant, with the meaning of eternity. It actually takes root beside the fire composed of countless scripture shadows, swaying here, sacred and flawless, with countless light rains, as if it has aroused some kind of resonance, and the rhythm of Taoism and the light of the scriptures also start to rotate around it.
6 Breaking through the mist, the deeper lakes and boats also rippled, and even the deepest light source became brighter than ever before, as if shining on a tangible road leading to the unknown.
Wang Xuan looked at the characters on the paper one after another, and also looked at the scripture fireworks that were like fireflies and stars all over the sky. He felt peaceful like never before.
Unknowingly, in this special state of emptiness, he sat on the back end of the boat, but his knees were still soaked in the water.
He sat quietly, and the flower of vision swayed not far away, unable to confuse his mind. It sent bursts of fragrance and light rain that made the soul peaceful.
Wang Xuan raised his hand naturally. For a moment, in front of the boat, the teapot with white mist on the coffee table flew up, and then he poured tea into an empty cup.
He reached out his hand calmly to guide me. Everything was so natural, peaceful and harmonious. The small teacup, which was only two inches high, was simple, floated over, and landed in his right hand. The aroma of tea inside was accompanied by the texture of the bottom of the cup, which was like a sea of ??stars in the universe. They rotated and swirled together, like an extraordinary central world, condensed into a cup. In tea.
/Wang Xuan’s eyes were clear, and he was drinking tea from a cup. The moment he drank tea, everything about himself and the world was different.
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