And now, Wei Xiaobei is here, standing by the lake, his scrutinizing eyes sweeping across the calm lake.
Compared to other places, Green Lake did not grow much after the Thousand-Eyed Monster was killed.
Wei Xiaobei knew that the key to destroying this green lake, which covered an area of ??more than several square kilometers, was probably those half-evil mermaids.
/Those half-evil mermaids are a rather strange creature. They only have a one-star elite creature level, but their shape is extremely weird. There is a miniature version of a human body growing on the fish body, and their screams can confuse people. Humans, causing humans to hallucinate, thereby tempting humans to enter the water and drown them, and provide them with food.
In terms of combat effectiveness, a group of half-evil mermaids are no match for a human with a fishing net, but a group of half-evil mermaids at the lake can easily lure thousands of humans into the lake and drown them!
After thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei squatted by the lake, took out the big ink gun with his right hand, and then swiped it hard towards the wrist of his left hand.
A line of blood immediately appeared on Wei Xiaobei’s wrist, and drops of blood mixed with silver filaments dripped towards the lake.
Since Wei Xiaobei’s physical condition has now returned to 90 points, the wound healed on its own after only three drops of blood fell.
Just three drops of blood were not enough, so Wei Xiaobei then made another incision on his wrist.
The blood dripping into the lake did not blend into the lake as quickly as ordinary human blood. Instead, it seemed to be incompatible with the lake. Each drop was like a gem wrapped with silver threads suspended in the lake.
It can also be seen from this that Wei Xiaobei’s blood is now very different from that of ordinary humans.
These blood essences are restrained and due to the effect of real mercury, they will hardly disintegrate in water.
But it was just barely possible. Before long, the smell of blood spread along with the slight fluctuations in the lake water.
Not long after, a splash was heard from the lake, and a translucent figure emerged from the lake, pounced on the few drops of blood suspended in the lake like a hungry wolf!
It’s really here!
A smile appeared on Wei Xiaobei’s face. The idea of ??using his own blood as bait to attract these half-evil mermaids was indeed a good one.
It must be said that Wei Xiaobei has also considered other methods to clean up these semi-evil mermaids, such as cultivating a few white mist shrimp mothers and letting them breed white mist shrimps in Green Lake. After those white mist shrimps reproduce, he wants to Cleaning up this green lake is quite easy.
You know, no matter how powerful the hallucinatory scream of the half-evil mermaid is, it will be of no use to those white mist shrimps controlled by the mother shrimp.
However, considering that these half-evil mermaids are a relatively rare ing