In the following voyage, the fleet encountered all kinds of strange monsters.
The evil fishman with the illusion of manipulation almost captured the entire fleet with his seductive singing, and even Huang Kun could not escape.
If Wei Xiaobei had not followed the song at the critical moment and killed several evil murlocs hiding behind the rocks, at least three oil tankers in this fleet would have hit the rocks and sunk.
These evil fish-men are extremely ugly in appearance, three-thirds uglier than the fish-men Wei Xiaobei has seen in the gray world. A big mouth full of sharp teeth takes up most of the face, but they control Hallucinations can make humans think they are seeing beautiful women.
Of course, not all monsters bring disaster.
After rounding the Cape of Good Hope, the fleet encountered a group of mermaids riding dolphins.
These mermaids curiously chased around the fleet, and their looks were hundreds of times stronger than those evil murlocs. Not to mention their beautiful faces, the songs they sang actually made the people on the tanker feel better. , but it has eliminated many people’s depression.
However, when the fleet entered the Tianzhu Ocean and approached the waters near Tianzhu, the troubles immediately increased.
From time to time, the fleet will encounter a large number of sea snakes, which are the so-called dragons in Tianlongbabu.
Once these huge sea snakes discover the fleet, they will immediately surround them and continuously attack the fleet.
This made Wei Xiaobei and Huang Kun suffer from running around, and every time they killed, the sea water was dyed red.
The only thing that made Wei Xiaobei feel happier was that the corpses of these sea snakes had a higher energy level. After every bloody battle, the Life Altar could draw a lot of material reserves from them. It didn’t take long for the Life Altar’s material reserves to be full.
It has to be said that the monsters encountered along the way are somewhat beneficial. At least the people in the fleet once again feel the unsafeness of the world now, and are full of expectations for the Weijia Island that is about to arrive.
/Fortunately, after crossing the Tianzhu Ocean, the fleet never encountered any powerful monsters on the subsequent voyage.
When the fleet arrived in the waters of the Great Reef Country, the whales and sharks would greet them early, leading shrimp soldiers and crab generals to escort them on both sides.
There is no doubt that the Shuizu escorting them on both sides really shocked the passengers.
This was something they didn’t expect when they decided to go to Weijia Island.
The strength of Weijia Island is so powerful that it can control these huge sea monsters. This alone makes the passengers full of confidence in the rest of their lives.
/In their view, life on Weijia Island is at least absolutely safe.
No matter how the fleet sailed day and night, by the time the fleet arrived at Weijia Island, twenty-three days had passed