But these soldiers of the Java Kingdom were not as brave as the Mongolian army. They only learned the superficial skills of collecting trophies, but did not learn the essence of heroic fighting.
Therefore, when the soldiers of the Java Kingdom made a fortune one by one and became small millionaires, the magical soldiers under the indigenous gods came over to kill them in overwhelming numbers.
Of course, the army trained in modern society, no matter how weak it is, will know how to take out weapons to fight the enemy when it sees it, but it will not run away before seeing the enemy.
But when the indigenous magic soldiers came over, most of the soldiers who landed in the three divisions dispersed to collect the spoils. The furthest ones even extended their business scope to Danlan City, thirty kilometers away.
/Therefore, after receiving the early warning, the generals and staff who landed at the combat headquarters were immediately dumbfounded.
One hundred thousand people were scattered over an area of ??thousands of square kilometers. Even if they were gathered urgently, not many troops could be gathered back.
Defeated in one blow!
At least more than half of the soldiers were overwhelmed by the indigenous magic soldiers while collecting the loot, and the rest fled all the way to the shore.
Although there are many warships on the shore that fire reinforcements in time and gather the remaining soldiers, the indigenous gods do not only have this trick.
Soon, the fierce storm caused by the indigenous gods forced the warships to withdraw from the waters near the landing area.
A large number of soldiers decisively chose to surrender without food or drink, and with all their light and heavy weapons thrown away!
This alone allowed the indigenous god to increase his troops by at least 60,000!
Of course, this redemption and transformation also takes time, and it is impossible for some of the soldiers to truly believe in those indigenous gods.
But even so, at least 30,000 soldiers who knew how to shoot and fire artillery were transformed into magic soldiers.
After these soldiers were transformed into magic weapons and equipped with discarded weapons, they were out of control.
/To put it simply, when the divine soldiers under the aboriginal gods began to dispatch and conquer various places, the situation in Java Kingdom quickly collapsed.
In less than three months, less than one-tenth of Java’s territory was left unconquered.
To say that the remaining territory has not fallen, it still relies entirely on the Chinese fleet that came to evacuate overseas Chinese.
If the commander of the Chinese fleet had not decisively ordered the use of cloud explosive bombs to cover some areas, the Java Kingdom would have been destroyed directly.
Although the current situation is not much better than the destruction of the country, at least the country can barely survive.
Of course, the price Java needs to pay is to kne