not transmit psychic signals at all. Because it’s all blocked by the boundary membrane.
Lin Xin reached out and pinched the corner of his clothes.
The clothes with more than fifty large and small arrays arranged on the inner layer also showed no movement, and even the weakest constant temperature array could not be activated.
“It is true that in the last martial arts era, spiritual power has declined.”
Lin Xin sighed slightly.
After a quick meal, he paid a piece of silver and got up to leave.
After getting off the restaurant, he walked through the streets casually and easily.
Pedestrians come and go in a hurry, most of them wearing gray and white short clothes. Occasionally, you can see a few people wearing long clothes, all of them are elegant.
From time to time, sedan chairs of various colors passed by.
/Occasionally, you can see richly dressed women or officials coming down from above.
“Please give me the best brewed stuffed rice~~~”
“Fried steamed buns, you can choose any meat or vegetable fillings!”
“Qingzhou old wine made with apricot blossoms, if it’s not alcoholic, no need to pay!”
“Candied haws of sugar haws~~~”
shouted the vendor’s shop One after another.
Anyway, it will take a month for Kira Mask to travel back again.
Lin Xin is not in a hurry. He has been cultivating for hundreds of years. He has devoted himself to cultivation for hundreds of years.
At this time, he was far away from Youfu and away from all threats. It was even very likely that he was the only monk in this world.
He felt completely relaxed and empty.
Take a leisurely walk slowly and walk on the right side of the street.
Taking a basket of fried buns from the vendor, he took half a bite with his bamboo chopsticks and tasted them slowly.
The bottom of the fried bun is golden brown, and the inside is full of meat, piping hot and fragrant. When you bite it, you will be filled with thick and fragrant juice.
Lin Xin ate several in one breath before slowing down.
After finishing the steamed buns, we went to eat the sugar cakes that were passed by while carrying the burden.
Then there are the sweet and sour lotus root slices and sesame sesame candy sold as snacks.
Unknowingly, Lin Xin ate a lot of snacks in one go, and felt a little full in his stomach.
With his huge appetite, he was full after eating all afternoon. One can imagine how much he ate. Almost eaten all the way.
Finally threw away the paper bag of roasted sweet potatoes in my hand.
“How many years has it been?” Lin Xin wiped his mouth.
“It’s been so many years since I’ve been so wanton. I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want.” After
such a complete indulgence, he felt a faint sense of relief in his heart.
Since he came to this world, he has been running around for survival and cultivation, and then he was disturbed by the Youfu. He has never prioritized living in such a down-to-earth manner.
After being so relaxed at this time, he felt a little relieved, as if something irritating was gradually calming down.