ticipate. This is what Orlando personally agreed to.
But for fear of scaring away all the contestants, Han Xuan did not expose Pooh now and quietly waited for the opportunity.
This hot dog contest finale contestant is just too heavy.
When Orlando finished speaking, the nearly two thousand students and teachers present looked at me and I looked at you.
A little confident about his appetite, he raised his hand and walked out.
/No one has ever eaten sausage from a hot dog, so I don’t know how much I can eat.
For this kilogram of gold, it’s okay to give it a try. If it doesn’t work, just treat it as a free meal. No matter how you calculate, you won’t lose.
Han Xuan’s several bodyguards, except for Galgernon and George who stayed with him, the rest were also taken by him. Encouraged to go out and participate in the game.
Grandma brought four female bodyguards, and there were enough security guards around.
Orlando stood on the spot and turned around, scanning the crowd who wanted to participate, and found that there were only a few people who might be a threat to him, except for Han Xuan’s “tank” bodyguard Owen.
Fat people have a large stomach capacity, and Orlando loves to eat, so he has a natural advantage in eating.
Feeling that this game could not show his full strength at all, he said complacently: “Who knows anyone who can eat? Call them all! It’s 11:10, and there are still 20 minutes before the game starts. , enough for them to get here, hurry up and notify them to come over!”
Some people really ran out to ask their friends who could eat to participate. Orlando used a whole kilogram of gold as a reward for the competition. For these students, the attraction was really too great!
Orlando shook his finger: “No, only the best eaters will be selected for this competition!”
The Big Eater Competition was supposed to be a game for men, but Han Xuan unexpectedly saw a few women in the crowd. .
They probably wanted to join in and play. Orlando was bigger than the three of them, so he was not a heavyweight opponent at all.
After all, there is a difference between foodies and jobbers.
It was supposed to be held on time at 11:30, but a student said that he knew the best eaters in the school. The guy will be here soon, you need to wait a little longer.
Orlando was immediately dissatisfied. The title of “the most delicious in the school” was a slap in the face!
So regardless of the complaints of people around him, he delayed the start of the game willfully, and just basked in the bright sunshine for more than ten minutes.
Finally, among people’s eager eyes, a fat man even fatter than Orlando, weighing over 170 kilograms, arrived on a bicycle.
Compared with walking, the speed of cycling is actually not much faster. The tires of the mountain bike are flattened by him, and the wheels twist and roll, making a creaking sound. The scene has a sense of joy.
Orlando’s expression was stunned when he saw him, and the corners of his mouth turned up in disdain.
/He had seen this guy before. He had t