w, I won’t stop you. But you have to weigh it carefully.” After saying that, he said to Zeng Fei and others: “Leave him alone, let’s go.”
Zeng Fei nodded indifferently.
Bei Dao frowned and thought for a while, then patted the wall and said, “It’s not a hurry.” Then he chased after him. However, just when he chased him to the corner, he found that Yin Kuang and others had stopped again and were silent, so he asked impatiently: “So what?” When he also arrived at the corner and saw a person When he stood in the corridor, his neck seemed to be strangled and he stopped talking.
That’s Liu Xie.
She seemed to have known that Yin Kuang and others would appear here, so she waited at this place early. At this moment, her eyes were glowing with a red light like a demon. Behind her, four scorpion tail chains were twisting like living snakes. The scorpion tail hook that was originally burning with blue flames was now burning with black flames, looking even more weird.
“She is being controlled!” Bei Dao said.
As soon as Bei Dao finished speaking, the red-eyed Liu Xie waved his slender arms and “whooshed” twice, and the two scorpion tail chains rushed towards Yin Kuang and others like snakes swimming in water. Its speed is more than twice as fast as before?
The two scorpion tail chains were as agile as snakes and as fast as lightning. They cut through the void in the blink of an eye and rushed in front of Yin Kuang and others. Just at this critical moment, a figure jumped out, and two rays of cold light struck the two scorpion tail chains in almost no particular order. “Ding ding” sounded twice, and sparks flew everywhere. It turned out that Li Shuangmu jumped out in time and opened the chain with the sword in his hand.
/“Get off the ground!” Li Shuangmu didn’t look back, just shouted. Because even if he wanted to, he couldn’t. The scorpion tail chain that he provoked shook back and then swung towards Li Shuangmu from left to right. Li Shuangmu had no choice but to block with his sword again. But this time, the red-eyed Liu Xie learned the lesson and did not directly collide with Li Shuangmu’s rusty sword. Instead, he drove the chain like an arm and his fingers, swinging it around Li Shuangmu’s body. For a moment, Li Shuangmu was enveloped in a twisting network of chains. In order not to be whipped by the chains that seemed to be everywhere, Li Shuangmu could only keep waving the rusty sword in his hand to block the chains. In this way, the sound of “ding ding” is endless. The sparks caused by the collision also illuminated Li Shuangmu’s handsome face.
Seeing Li Shuangmu trying his best to block the scorpion tail chain, Yin Kuang’s eyes narrowed, “Zeng Fei!”
“I know!” In fact, Zeng Fei had already taken a shooting stance. As soon as Yin Kuang finished speaking, Zeng Fei pulled the trigger. A bullet shot out from the slender, cold barrel and went straight to Liu Xie’s eyebrows. From the white trajectory dragged out by the bullet, you can tell that it is an ice bullet. Zeng Fei aimed to interfere with Liu Xie and he