ng to go back to ‘Noah’ with me, Tina?” ”
Of course, starting from today Wherever you go from the beginning, I will follow you. Don’t even think about leaving me behind to do those mysterious things.” Tina smiled sweetly and relaxedly, and then said with a worried look on her face: “But I don’t have you. The kind of power that can absorb faith and bestow divine magic in different ‘worlds’…”
/“Don’t worry about such trivial matters at all,” God Wu Li smiled, interrupted his lover, and took out a beast from his pocket. The leather bag was handed over, “It’s just a pasture with only a million ‘lambs’, so what’s the point of throwing it away?
I’ve already prepared enough power of faith for you to continue moving forward on the road to the gods. This is a ‘faith gem’ that requires about one billion devout believers to devote a year to harvest. You should collect it first. From
now on, I will give you a bag of such gems as one of your gifts every year on your birthday. If it is not enough, you can give it to me at any time. Just tell me.”
For the god Wu Li who has close to 50 billion ‘lambs’, this bag of faith stones is just the harvest of his own ‘Muyuan’ in less than ten days, but for believers it is only a hundred For Tina, who calculated it all, it would take hundreds of years for her to harvest the power of faith that one billion believers dedicated for a whole year.
The pure stone of faith is as irresistible to the temptation of gods as drugs are to addicts.
Tina opened the animal skin bag in surprise and took out a fist-sized, crystal clear diamond-shaped gem. Feeling the massive power of faith contained in it, she suppressed the desire in her heart, tied the leather bag in her hand again, and handed it back to her lover. Said: “Baby, just this one faith gem is enough for me to use for many years.”
“Do you think there is still only one ‘Sea Shrimp World No. 2’ where my faith is now?” Zhang Lisheng faced his lover’s thoughtful gesture. He laughed dumbly.
“We have been separated for less than five years. Did you actually conquer another ‘world’?” Tina asked in surprise. As a god, she now understands the difficulty of conquering an alien civilization more clearly than before. at.
“Not one, but…” God Wu Li was about to show off, but suddenly raised his eyebrows, thought for a while and said: “Forget it, I can’t explain this kind of thing in a sentence or two, can we talk about it after we return to Noah’s world? ?”
Tina was stunned, and finally took a distant look at the kingdom capital she was guarding, and nodded with difficulty.
Seeing his lover’s lingering look, Zhang Lisheng said softly, “I promise you will have your own ‘world’ in the future as a ‘Muyuan’ where you gain faith.” He suddenly stretched out his hands and made a tearing gesture. action, but nothing happened.
Tina on the side felt the surge of divine power in her lover’s body, and instinctively felt something strange. Her face changed, and she asked softly and concernedly: “What’s wrong, baby?”
/“It’s nothing, Tina,” Zhang