wrong. There was indeed a small arsenal in these vehicles. Ever since he knew that his rise would touch the interests of many people, Han Xuan began to prevent trouble from coming. He was not lax at all in this regard. In the past, bulletproof vehicles had the highest The security level was only VR6, but he spent money to upgrade it to VR7. Even though he was not satisfied with it, he still invested in researching the next generation of more abnormal bulletproof vehicles.
Wearing a black suit and a white shirt, Mia easily carried the personal rocket launcher on her shoulder. She took out the heat detector and took a look at it. She aimed at a crowded place and fired. In the fire, an arm could be vaguely seen flying high. In
comparison, the royal bodyguards, who only had pistols, seemed a bit weak in force.
Seeing that they could not help, they followed the captain’s instructions and dispersed into the surrounding wilderness to lurk. They heard the sound of grenades and the sound of machine guns accompanied by the sound of sniper rifles. At the same time, they thought to themselves, who are these colleagues? They are so perverted. !
McVitt looked for an escape route, but unexpectedly saw this scene, and he felt desperate.
A total of fifteen people came over, and now there are only five left, without even an escape route. If they continue to be suppressed by fire, then it is a sure thing that they all stay here
. George showed a thumbs up and praised, but Mia pretended not to. See it, continue to pick up the grenade and throw it out.
It was this cold attitude that made him unhappy.
/Continuing to sit in the car, Han Xuan also put on the wireless communicator. From their words, he felt relieved when he learned that no one was injured, and then called Anya to tell her that he was fine.
Although the Rolls-Royce bulletproof car had been riddled with holes, it was still not easy to open it. It would take explosives or rockets to open it. Considering the situation outside, he felt that it was safer to stay in the car than to escape on foot. .
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has learned the news and believes that reinforcements will arrive soon. Han Xuan does not know if the other party has any backup plans, but judging from the fact that they regard the bulletproof vehicle as an ordinary Rolls-Royce, there should be no.
/If a big force wanted to deal with Her Royal Highness, it would be impossible not to take himself into consideration. Han Xuan still had this confidence.
Princess Diana had been to a war zone, but had never experienced anything so close to death. She was a little frightened. Her face was pale, her hands were clenched into fists, and her body was stiff.
Later, she heard Han Xuan calmly talking to the Prime Minister and friends on the phone. Her attention was diverted and she relaxed a little. She didn’t know how such a young child could calm down in such a situation.
Turning to look at Han Xuan, she asked: “You just said they wanted to kill me? But why? I can’t think of anyone who