his whole chubby face became vivid.
“Brother, are you going to France?”
“I’m traveling. I’m tired of staying at home and want to go out to relax. I was actually with the group, but something happened some time ago and delayed the reservation. The travel agency made a new reservation for me. Alas. , I should have known that I would have come with the large army anyway. Now that I am asked to come alone, I feel a little scared.” As he said that, the crew-cut man glanced at the two armed policemen standing guard at the entrance of the embassy, ??”By the way, brother , My surname is Li, what is your surname?”
“I don’t need to give you the surname Wang. Let’s do this, Brother Li, I think the travel agency has told you quite a lot about the things you need to pay attention to when applying for a visa. I just want to emphasize one point, that is, before all visa officers In the eyes, especially in the eyes of visa officers from developed countries in Europe, America and Japan, the core consideration of whether they will grant you a visa is whether they believe you will be stranded and never return. Therefore, they need some Certificate. Generally speaking, if you have real estate, cars, can provide a large amount of bank deposits, have been married, and have a wife and children in the country, it is easier to get a visa even from a developed country.
“And there is During the interview, you should be bold and confident, neither humble nor arrogant, and don’t be submissive. What’s the use of trying to please the visa officer because he doesn’t know you? On the contrary, he looked down upon you and thought you had some evil intentions.”
Just as he was talking, the iron door of the visa center opened, and a Chinese-looking staff member came out and read out a series of numbers with an expressionless face. The people with the number went in and waited for the interview.
Wang Bo was lucky enough to be in this number.
“Brother, come on, I’m waiting for your good news. “The flat-headed man surnamed Li patted him on the shoulder.
/Wang Bo smiled and told him not to be nervous and relax. He just chatted with a foreign-nosed man for a few words, and then followed the crowd into the visa center in the embassy.
ps: I recommend a science fiction article “The Correct Way to Destroy the World” written by a book friend. If you are interested, you can read it! The visa
interview did not encounter any twists and turns. The visa officer was a middle-aged French woman with blond hair and blue eyes who looked quite elegant. , after looking at the set of real estate certificates he provided for the “Prince’s Mansion” on Liyang Road, Hongkou, the magical capital, the vehicle registration certificate for his x5, and the eight-digit RMB deposit certificate, even routine questions were asked. I was too lazy to ask, so I gave him a sweet smile and said, France welcomes you and I wish you a pleasant journey!
/“Thank/you, madam!have/a/nice/day!bye! (Thank you, madam. Have a nice day!” Goodbye!” Wang Bo waved to the other party.