method?” This girl was the one who was showing off her beauty but was humiliated by the otaku.
Tang Zhaotian glanced at the crowd, and he couldn’t help but feel a little carried away by the expectant eyes of the crowd, and thought to himself: “It’s good if you have the ability. They all have to rely on me to survive. It seems, You must take advantage of this opportunity to make a big profit, and then go back to exchange for more powerful blood and abilities! By then, I will see who dares to look down on me, and who dares to humiliate me! And those assistant teachers, bullshit seniors, They actually asked me to bow my head to them, just wait and see!”
Everyone laughed when they saw him, and they were urged by “Brother Tian” and “Young Master Tang”.
/Tang Zhaotian deliberately played it off and asked: “Do you still remember a sentence in the original plot? What the black coroner said.”
Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, one of the boys said: ” I know, ‘The God of Death doesn’t like to be deceived’.”
/Tang Zhaotian’s face fell, and he said: “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know. Don’t always talk about the God of Death. You really want him to come to you, don’t you?”
Then The man’s neck shrank and he squeaked: “I, I didn’t mean that.” But he muttered dissatisfiedly in his heart, “Didn’t you ask us yourself? Huh, I thought you were a detective, and you even started reasoning. Oh, forget it, who is the most powerful here?”
Tang Zhaotian glanced at the short and chubby boy and said to himself: “Who told you to talk too much? Damn it, I should have said it, forget it. “The dissatisfaction in Tang Zhaotian’s eyes flashed away, and then he smiled: “That’s right. That’s the sentence. Based on the analysis of this sentence, I think the black coroner was hinting at the protagonists’ method of escaping the design of death. Now , we are actually on Death’s “death list” just like those characters who must die. So, the way to get rid of Death is to kill others and let them die on our behalf. In this way, the debt we owe to Death will be repaid. It’s clear. The God of Death has no reason to trouble us!”
Everyone was shocked, “Kill others?”
Although they have indeed gone through an “entrance exam”, they can be considered to have grown somewhat. , but the moral values ??and values ??formed over more than ten years cannot be changed so easily, of course, except for some people. For example, Wang Ning, Li Shuangmu, and Tang Zhaotian. Of course, when Yin Kuang needs it, he will definitely do things that benefit himself and harm others.
But such people are in the minority after all, so when they heard Tang Zhaotian say that he wanted to kill people, they couldn’t help but become timid.
“What? You don’t dare?” Tang Zhaotian looked at everyone coldly, “Humph, it’s up to you! Either you kill others and take their lives to repay the God of Death, and then you survive; or, your Holy Mother’s soul burns , willing to die for others, unfortunately, then I, Mr. Tang, really have nothing to say. The choice is in