nd Brother Asparagus sent him back. He also called me, not allowing us to chase him to see him, and told us to do whatever we needed to do. He said he was fine and that he was very good now. ”
In the past . The main thing is healing, and now the main thing is cultivation. It is particularly important to have a comfortable environment.
He didn’t know anyone in the city and couldn’t understand what they were saying. How could he stay here? Huisigang has many friends, and he might have gone to Liangzhuang. As long as he returns to Liangzhuang, his illness will be cured by half.
“It’s okay to go back. Just pay attention and come back for re-examination on time.”
“Anyway, I have to go back the day after tomorrow. Let’s not talk about him. Get dressed quickly. Xuewen and Jiaqi are here and are talking to mom downstairs.”
The house is about to come . There is one more little guy, and when you see others, you think they should have one.
When he went downstairs and took a look, Han Bo was filled with sympathy.
Mother Han and Mother Li were working for the young couple. It is better to have a baby early than later. Tian Xuewen nodded repeatedly. Li Jiaqi blushed at the words and probably never wanted to be a guest here again.
“Doctor Tian, ??you won’t work overtime today?” Han Bo greeted the old man, sat down and started teasing.
/The profession of doctor is not much better than that of the police, especially doctors who have just started working.
Tian Xuewen rubbed his face and sighed: “Brother Han, sister-in-law, jail can reduce the sentence. We only work overtime and not overtime. But it is the same everywhere. In Beijing, you have to start as a resident doctor.”
“Jail. If you have no money, you will get money if you go to work.”
/“Yes, even though you can get a reduced sentence by going to jail, who will pay you a salary!” Li Xiaolei hugged Li Jiaqi’s arm and laughed tremblingly.
His parents were too far away, and Director Zhao just happened to be back. Han Bo was about to follow the instructions of his wife, put on a posture of “the eldest brother is the father, and the eldest sister-in-law is the mother”, and tell them how much he would do in the name of his wife. The political commissar suddenly called me to invite relatives of the Li family and leaders and colleagues from two units to have a meal at the same table.
“Detachment Han, I, Zhou Suying, are you inconvenient to speak?”
“Wait a minute, I’ll go out to pick you up.”
Han Bo smiled apologetically with his family, walked into the yard and asked, “Political Commissar, what’s the matter?”
“The case is getting more and more complicated. Xiaofang and the others searched for blood stains in Car No. 8, and when they extracted it for analysis, it matched Xun Li’s DNA. Team Wei did not suspect anything wrong, Zhang was suspected of committing a major crime!” It was not on
the murder weapon, but it was on the car.
Five or six years ago, Zhang could have been identified as the murderer just based on the blood stains in the car.
But now i