from the floor-to-ceiling window, he smiled and asked: “Chief Han, do you plan to stay up late with us?”
“Inspector Guan, I was about to ask you the same question. Ji O and CCB have taken over. It seems that you don’t need to stay up late together. .”
“The kidnapping has nothing to do with me. The things you want to bring back have to do with me. Sir Deng has explained that while ensuring the safety of the hostages, we cannot let you go back empty-handed.” ”
/Thank you.”
“Yes, I may need your help in the future. , I mean our joint wealth group.”
“I’m talking about this cup of coffee.”
Guan Xingwei was stunned for a moment, then realized it and couldn’t help laughing.
“But there are many loopholes in the law. For example, you can’t take Yu back, and we can’t bring Zhou back for trial.” “There will
always be a way. I believe this is only temporary.”
“Fifty years later?”
This topic is very interesting. Subtlety, involving the major policy of “one country, two systems”, Han Bo put down his cup: “I am not a politician, nor a senior official, just a policeman like you.”
Although Hong Kong has returned to the motherland, the Hong Kong media is used to reporting negative news on the mainland.
Guan Xingwei said to many Hong Kong people, like Hong Kong people, have always held some prejudice against the mainland. As a senior inspector, he would not say that in front of Han Bo. After thinking about it, he suddenly said: “Sir Han, as far as I know, the public security in the mainland pays attention to seniority. There should not be many senior police officers like you, right?”
“It’s quite a few, but you haven’t had any contact with me.”
“Maybe. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you.”
“Me too.”
While chatting here, the phone calls on the other side came and went.
The advanced information is not to be boasted. Information about Yu Shaodong is collected here one after another from various law enforcement units. A chief inspector of O’s Office is the top commander, wearing a headset and constantly issuing orders.
A senior supervisor (director level) of the customs and several customs officers were busy reviewing the evidence and materials provided by Han Bo before. Two civilian officers from the police department were in their group and were busy checking the relevant regulations and guidelines. The stolen money Returning something is not something you just have to do, there are a lot of procedures that need to be followed.
“Mr. Han, we need more and more accurate information about these two suspects. When can your subordinates in the mainland send it to you?” ”
Fifteen minutes,” Han Bo raised his arm and looked at his watch, looking at “O” The commander smiled and said: “My colleague is sorting it out, and it will be sent in fifteen minutes at the latest.”
“Thank you, Chief Han, please.”
“Sir Lu, our CIB colleagues have found the target. He has just entered Xinfeng Restaurant. Sir Gao I’m thinking of a way to see if I can arrange for a brother to sneak in.”
A plainclothes guy clicked the mouse