m as debt collection funds, and used his van as a means of transportation to stay near the Golden Eagle Company.
He was worried, fearing that Dai Hui would run away, so he hid nearby to monitor after entrusting the matter to Xu Kui.
/On the afternoon of Dai Hui’s escape, he rode a motorcycle with a van driven by Xu Kui and others and followed Dai Hui’s van to the border between the two counties. He witnessed Xu Kui forcing the van to the side of the road and Dai Hui could not avoid it. , hit a big tree on the roadside.
It was in the afternoon and could be spotted by passing vehicles and pedestrians at any time.
Xu Kui controlled Dai Hui and asked two horsemen to help him put the motorcycle into the van and let him drive the van away first. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I drove the van with its front end to a repair shop. When I tried to call Xu Kui on his cell phone, he couldn’t get through.
I only know Xu Kui, but not the other three.
I only know Xu Kui, his name and his mobile phone number, but I don’t know anything else!
/If you are suspected of kidnapping, regardless of whether you are a victim or not, take control first.
Back in the CEO’s office, Shi Baohua was extremely depressed. He finally found an important clue, but the clue was broken again. There was a huge crowd. Where could he find Xu Kui?
As long as no one dies, the next thing will be easier to handle.
If someone dies in the hands of the kidnappers over there, how will they be able to keep up with the superiors and subordinates?
Shi Baohua pondered for a moment and analyzed: “Chu Han, Dai Hui is unlikely to have much cash with him, but he must have a bank card. Xu Kui’s gang only recognizes money, so they will definitely threaten him to reveal the password. Most of the debt collectors have If they have a criminal record, they will be very cautious. They probably won’t go to the business hall, they can only go to the ATM. Should we start in this direction?” “That’s
what I think too, check, follow this direction!”
Early in the morning, the mountains are rising. A heavy fog arose.
It was completely white, and you couldn’t see your fingers clearly when you stretched out your hand. Everything around you seemed to be fished out of the water. There was water dripping from the eaves, water hanging from the leaves, water puddled on the stones, and the air exuded a wet smell of water. .
The fog goes as quickly as it comes.
The morning sun rises and gradually dissipates. On the mountainside and at the foot of the mountain, smoke curls up, and the small mountain village surrounded by mountains welcomes a new day.
This is a two-story tile-roofed house that has not been built for three years. It is close to the winding mountain road leading to Yunli County. There are people living on the first floor. There are only a few walls on the second floor. There is no roof and it is full of corn and other things. It cannot be Live people.
Arriving at night, the surroundings were pitch black.
At dawn, Xu Kui climbed to the s