These nineteen Taoist masters are old or young, male or female, with different postures, stimulating different forms of innate spiritual treasures.
/In just an instant, immeasurable power burst out and rolled in!
Faced with this power, Rao Gong Jiexuan, who had attained enlightenment, could not help but turn pale, and secretly said, “I will give up my life.”
However, those Taoist masters were not targeting him, but the wave of Taoism coming from the future.
The two forces collided with each other, and Gong Jiexuan saw that the order of time and space on the other side began to collapse and disintegrate. The space where she stood was constantly collapsing like sand, and the space was like countless layers of extremely slender glass mirrors, shattering one after another!
However, the even more bizarre scene is that while the time and space order on the other side is collapsing, a new time and space order is constantly forming!
At the same time, these new time and space orders are constantly collapsing!
The reason for this scene is that the two colliding forces exceeded the limit of the other side and exploded in the past time and space, causing a series of collapse and reconstruction of time and space!
As the person involved, Gong Jiexuan faced all this with only fear in her heart!
In her eyes, the entire universe on the other side seemed to no longer exist, constantly disintegrating in the cycle of cause and effect, but never finalized!
If Taiyi, Dongxuan, Tianchengzi, Hua Daozhu and others were hit hard, beads of blood oozed from their skin, and blood also flowed from the corners of their mouths and nostrils.
They still dare not slack off, dare not take a step back, and use their innate spiritual treasures to fight against the fluctuations of the avenue from future time and space!
Dao Zun’s Great Dao fluctuations are truly terrifying and powerful!
Although they are not really competing against Dao Zun, the danger is no less dangerous than a head-on confrontation. If they cannot hold on, they and Xu Ying will all be obliterated by Dao Zun’s great way!
Everyone was terrified, feeling the power and terror of Dao Zun for the first time.
Especially Master Hua.
Back then, he once entered the heavenly realm and tried to catch all the Taoist masters who had revived in the heavenly realm, but he encountered the Taoist master and others.
In that battle, although he was suppressed by Tao Zun, he was defeated only after being besieged by Dao Zun, Ji Cang and other Tao masters. Although he lost, it was an honor.
/At that time, he had a mentality of despising Dao Zun, thinking that Dao Zun was nothing more than this. Even if Dao Zun in his prime state was stronger than him, his strength was limited.
But now, he realizes how big the gap is between himself and Dao Zun!
This gap comes from cultivation, from the Tao we practice, and also from Taoism!
No matter in terms of cultiv